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Welcome readers to Lost in a Good Book. My name is Amy and I will be your darling interweb companion while you are visiting. Let’s get the usual introductions out of the way first before we dive in to why we’re here. I love to read and I love to write, and I have a wonderful and terribly addictive habit of book collecting. I love mainly to browse second hand book shops and book fairs because I think that is where you find some gems, though having said that I also find just as many wonderful books in bookshops. All of course which get added to the vast ‘To Be Read’ pile which grows more than is lessens, something I know does not only relate to myself.

I will give you fair warning as you enter into my domain, I do have a tendency to ramble and to go off on tangents, but I find that makes it all the more fun. My book reviews vary from the funny and jovial, to the straightforward and serious. It certainly depends on how I have enjoyed the book and how much emotion I can get out. Sometimes any anger needs to be vented off in a review, and praise mind you, but when you adore something who really wants to remove that feeling. I do not really have a preference in what I like to read, what looks good at the time, though there are a few genres like Westerns or Horror for example that I don’t really get along with so I can’t imagine there being a lot of them popping up. I have already written a few reviews using the site goodreads so there may be crossovers as well as I use an already written review, but I may tweak it, I don’t know yet. But that’s the glory of this, I can fiddle and see where it leads me.

As I say, this blog will focus mainly on reviews but there may be other delights depending on my mood, or more likely whatever obscure thought has popped into my head that needs to be released. As I am still relatively new at this you will get the pleasure of learning alongside me and bear with me as I stumble through whatever it is I have signed myself up for. I have been wanting to start a blog for such a long time so a small part of me is very excited, while another is terrified ever so slightly. I wanted to start a blog because I read oh so many books and I love reviewing them and I wanted to share those reviews with the interweb world so I hope you enjoy what I have to say. Enjoy your day and read something spectacular.


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