Book Bingo 2018

This is my third year doing a book bingo challenge and despite the fact I often forget I’ve decided to do it, I enjoy it a lot. With 2018 underway it is another year and another chance to achieve bingo glory. As I stated in my Bingo 2017 wrap up post I’m keeping last year’s bingo card instead of making up a new one. I enjoyed the categories too much to not have another go at them this year. I am looking to get a full card this year as well. These are the kind of idealistic goals I have in January before the reality of life kicks in.

My second idealistic goal is actually doing updates through the year, unlike last year where I forgot entirely and basically posted my first post and then the final post. The third goal is to review them, but that is somewhat successful, but maybe more successful this year is also a goal.

Are you going to participate in a Book Bingo this year? As in previous years, you are more than welcome to borrow my card for your own Book Bingo, just remember to link to my page and attribute me properly.

Book Bingo 2017 – Crossing the Finish Line…Just

Despite being pretty much forgotten about since I first posted this in January (no surprise there), I have actually managed a Bingo win in these final days of the year! How serendipitous. When I was paying attention I actually really enjoyed choosing books for these categories. I think I’m actually going to keep them for next year as well, there are many ones I didn’t get to read and would love to, and would love to read more of what I did.

I will be writing up reviews for those without them at some stage, I’ll update the links as they come. I’ve linked the Goodreads page which has my star rating on them as a start. I can recommend most of what I read, there were a few that fell short, but that’s ok, the good books balanced out the bad ones in the end. Once again I also discovered some great books and authors on the way which is a win in itself too.

A Fairytale Retelling: Frogkisser! by Garth Nix

Published This Year: La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman – REVIEW

On TBR For More Than A Year: Beside Myself by Ann Morgan

Reread A Series: Harry Potter by JK Rowling  – REVIEWS

Author Of A Different Ethnicity: The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera

A Classic: Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien – REVIEW

Non-Human MC: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor

Free Choice: Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

Chosen For The Cover: Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen – REVIEW

Short Stories Collection: Night Music by John Connolly

Was A Gift: Language of Thorns by Leigh Bardugo

Book About Books: Julie and JuliaREVIEW

Self Published: Moonstruck by Nikki Rae – REVIEW

Non-Fiction: Fight Light A Girl by Clementine Ford – REVIEW

Graphic Novel: Fables by Bill Willingham

One Word Title: Wonder by R.J Palacio

Book Bingo 2017

BingoIt’s time again for another Book Bingo! Having gotten so close to finishing last year I’m looking forward to maybe completing the card this year, but even getting a line or two would be a great achievement.

I have chosen a range of categories this year, reusing some of the ones I didn’t complete last year, as well as the standard favourites. I am trying to diversify my reading this year so instead of just reading from another country or with a character of a difference sexual preference, I am adding in an author of a different ethnicity and expanding my previous LGBQT category to read more from each of the different voices. I’ve also switched up my genres and formats so it should be an interesting selection I find. I am aiming to provide updates on progress at the end of each month, and when I review a book for the bingo I will include the icon again too.

Are you going to participate in a Book Bingo this year? As in previous years you are more than welcome to borrow my card for your own Book Bingo, just remember to link to my page and attribute me properly.

Happy reading!




Book Bingo 2016: The End of the Journey (With a Win!)

BingoAs 2016 comes to an end, so too does my 2016 Book Bingo challenge. Given the hectic nature of the past few months, I did admittedly entirely forget about doing this so there are no updates or anything which I’m a bit sad about. The good news is that looking at my read pile I realised I covered a lot of ground in the past few months. I may not have been able to finish my card, but I managed to secure a bingo so I’m taking that as a win. I’m sure the point it to get a line anyway, not fill your card. So I’m pretty stoked, and looking at all the red on my chart I did well considering I thought it fell off the wagon a few months ago. My full list of books read is below, some of them managed to get a review, others didn’t, but I’ve linked in those that had and included their Goodreads link. I may still write reviews for some of these but this is where we stand at the moment. I loved doing this again, I haven’t made up next year’s yet but I have a bunch of new ideas and categories to cover so I’m looking forward to creating it. Did you do any book bingos this year? It definitely helps you read things you may not typically pick up and I’ve discovered some amazing books this way.


Was a GiftElianne by Judy Nunn

Child Main CharacterYellow by Megan Jacobson – REVIEW

Set in AustraliaDead, Actually by Kaz Delaney – REVIEW

A Fairytale RetellingThe Princess Companion by Melanie Cellier – REVIEW

Author You’ve Never ReadTime and Time Again by Ben Elton

More Than 50 Years OldMy Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin

That ‘Every One’ Has ReadThe Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Second Hand BookThe Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham

On TBR List for More Than a YearJasper Jones by Craig Silvey

Free ChoiceHeart and Brain Comic Collection by Nick Seluk

LGBTQIA CharacterThe Sidekicks by Will Kostakis

Recommended by a FriendDarkest Place by Jaye Ford

Chosen for the CoverThe Memory Book by Lara Avery – REVIEW

Self PublishedThe Crow Box by Nikki Rae – REVIEW

Involves Greek MythologyAntigoddess by Kendre Blake

Turned into a MovieMe Before You by Jojo Moyes

Reimagining a ClassicHamlet by John Marsden – REVIEW


Book Bingo: The Road So Far

Bingo It a few months into my 2016 Book Bingo and I’m long overdue for a check-in. As May begins I’ve read 7 books and no Bingo as of yet. I haven’t been actively trying to fill it in for a few months but I’m going to try again as I catch up on my reading this month. There are a few I’m looking forward to filling in like Reimagining a Classic, or finding one from an author with my initials, and as always I’m adding the Book Bingo icon to my review posts so you can see which books have been included in between updates.

Bingo card 2 in use

A Fairytale Retelling

The Princess Companion: A Retelling of The Princess and the Pea (The Four Kingdoms, # 1)The Princess Companion by Melanie Cellier

I was really excited to read this story, it’s a retelling of The Princess and the Pea fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen, and what drew me to it was that this delightful story rarely gets the attention other fairytales do and I was excited to see what Cellier’s retelling would be. It was a remarkable story, and one she managed to expand into a full-length novel considering it is one of the shortest fairytales I know of. It is still The Princess and the Pea story we all recognise, but told in a way that it becomes a whole new story on its own. There’s still so much of a fairytale in this story: woodcutter’s daughter, godmothers, princes, and kingdoms, but Cellier manages to create something more intricate and complex than the original tale. It is sweet, creative, and incredibly clever.

Set in Australia

Dead, ActuallyDead, Actually by Kaz Delaney

I’ve had Kaz’s books sitting on my shelf for way too long before I finally got a chance to read them but I’m so glad I finally made the time. This YA story has a side of paranormal but still keeps the everyday contemporary feel as well. There is so much to love about this book: the characters, the mystery, the fabulous writing that sends your heart and mind crazy with anticipation and suspense. I loved everything about this book from start to finish, it’s enthralling, it’s messy and complicated, but that is what makes it exhilarating to read.

LGBTQIA Character

The SidekicksThe Sidekicks by Will Kostakis

I read this in part because I was going to Penguin Teen’s YASquad and wanted to read the author’s attending but I like to think I’d have picked up this story anyway. There is so much to love about this story, the boys themselves in particular. The story is told in three parts, with each of the three boys telling their story. This is a LGBTQIA book because of Ryan, a guy who isn’t yet brave enough to come out and who struggles not only with his friend’s death, but trying to work out who he is now that he’s gone. Seeing him come to terms with himself and the struggle he faces is touching and heartbreaking at the same time.

Author You’ve Never Read

The Midnight Watch: A Novel of the Titanic and the CalifornianThe Midnight Watch by David Dyer

When I first learnt about this book I was so excited to read it. This is the story of The Californian, the ship famous for being near the Titanic when she sank and not coming to her rescue. It is a brilliant read that takes a lot of its narrative and dialogue from official records. This is Dyer’s debut novel and it is filled with emotion and history and all things to make you angry and frustrated and heartbroken. If you love the story of Titanic and reading incredibly real historical fiction then this is a wonderful read.

On TBR For More Than A Year

Jasper JonesJasper Jones by Craig Silvey

I can’t believe how long this book has been out before I got to read it. I had it on my TBR when it was released in 2010 I think it was. I’m glad I read it though because it’s a great story, it’s clear why this won so many awards. This is a historical coming of age story set in 1960s Australia. It’s a compelling story about a totally different time and the innocence, prejudices, and hidden secrets of a small town.

Recommended By A Friend

Darkest PlaceDarkest Place by Jaye Ford

I have been wanting to read something of Jaye Ford’s for a while and this was a great chance to start. The recommendation came with so much praise for this story and the emotions that were experienced whilst reading I was looking forward to having the same reaction. It was certainly as intense and suspenseful as promised. The story is about a woman who is trying to start her life over after a horrible accident but she learns that her new place isn’t the new start she was after. She is convinced there is someone sneaking into her apartment but no one believes her and there’s no evidence to support her claims. As you read you want to believe her but start to doubt yourself and wonder whether she is overly paranoid or is actually right all along.

Self Published

The Crow Box (Shadow & Ink Series, #1)The Crow Box by Nikki Rae

As a longtime lover of Nikki Rae I jumped at her new story. Rae has always self-published, all the way back with her Sunshine Series and The Donor novella. The Crow Box is the start of her new series and is filled with all the things I love about Rae; her stories are dark, intense, with twists and surprises and a little paranormal element that makes it a thrilling read. Reading Rae is a clear example of why self published people shouldn’t be judged or thought less of, there can be some incredible stories out there if you give them a go.


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