As a whole 2022 wasn’t the great success I have had in the past. I completely forgot to do my Book Bingo – not even as in I forgot to keep track like before, more like I didn’t even make it in the first place. I did create my Top 5 list so that was something, and while I didn’t have a great posting year, I did try hard to come back by the end before the busyness of the holiday season took over.

I have been think a lot this past year about my blog and what I’m doing with it. I keep thinking if I haven’t got the energy to write the reviews I should stop, or find a way to scale back. But the problem with that is when I do actually force myself to write reviews and make posts I enjoy it. I love telling you about the books I’m reading and sharing them in hopes you’ll read and fall in love with too. Even the bad ones I can give my opinions and maybe sway you one way or another if you weren’t sure about reading something. I like this blog. I like having a place to share thoughts about my reading habits that isn’t on social media because I’m not the best at that. It’s not like I wasn’t reading amazing books either. I read some incredible books that I want to yell about so fingers crossed tapping into that passion will get me through.

The problem is, and I think it’s been mentioned enough times, the past few years have been hard. Hard for everyone and for a myriad of reasons. The reason I officially stopped in 2021 was because everything was getting too much and this was something I could step back from to make sure everything else ran smoothly. I genuinely didn’t know how hard it would be to come back to. The want was there, the desire, but actually making myself do it took more effort than I knew.

I have worked out that if I want to keep this going I need to prioritise it, and find the joy again in writing reviews. I still don’t think I will be able to do review requests again because being inundated with emails filled me with stress, and I felt pressured to say yes to everyone and in the end it fell apart. But I hope I am still sharing some lesser known books with you alongside the familiar and popular titles. One day I do want to return to them because honestly some of my favourite books were discovered through people putting their faith in me and asking for a review.

There’s good news in amongst all this retrospection. This year I am celebrating my tenth anniversary and I have two giveaways to celebrate. I will be doing my regular giveaway, but I will also be doing a destash of my shelves like I did a few years ago with my Loved Loot collection. I have been pruning my shelves of books I got in giveaways, bought with good intentions but never read, listened to the audio and don’t need the hard copy, books I read once and don’t need, even a few books I bought with good intentions at writer’s festivals and never touched. More details will follow but that is one of my plans for this year.

So that is all to come. I am putting a lot of faith that this year will not have quite so many…bumps in the road shall we say as the previous three years because this always brought me great joy and I hope in a small way it does for you too.

I’m Back!

It’s been 84 years but I’ve finally returned to my blog. This isn’t even my first post back because the blogiversary had to be addressed (have you got your entries in yet?) but this is essentially the first post back after a long, planned but unplanned break.

I closed the tab on my computer that has essentially been open for the past 8 years. It was a break and one I did not plan on taking for so long (see proud self-proclaiming ‘I’ll be gone for a month’ post), but it was clearly needed but now with my blogiversary I knew I couldn’t let it go by. I needed that to get me back into gear because while last year I told myself over and over that I had to come back, it has only been through January that I’ve felt I’ve wanted to come back. So I got my blogiversary out and it’s kick-started something because I have that familiar feeling of wanting to write about books that I’m reading, want to share with you all my thoughts and recommend some good reads and lament about those that didn’t live up to my expectations. Which goes to show that I still love doing this, I haven’t been doing it out of habit or obligation, I still have that desire to share and talk about books and reading. So while the break was unexpected, it didn’t result in me never coming back again.

I am going to start off slow, mainly because I have not got any reviews in reserve so I’m going to focus on my wrap ups from last year and all the beginning of the year stuff I usually post late Dec/early Jan, and I will go from there. Baby steps to begin with but enthusiastic baby steps all the same.

Taking a Break

I’ve often though over the last few years when the pressures of life and daily going ons meant I wasn’t writing as many reviews. I’d watch my scheduled posts dwindle and realise I could take a break, no one would blame me, but then I’d write one or two, get back into the swing of things again and before I knew it I has another few weeks ready to go.

This time I have found that I can have as many half-finished reviews open, have as many recently read books ready to go and no motivation to write anything. I’ve decided to take September off, because even if I do get some posts ready I don’t want to become trapped in a cycle of posting for a couple weeks then a couple of weeks of nothing. It’s happened this month and I didn’t like it and yet I found I couldn’t do anything about it even as I knew those no post days were approaching.

Second lockdown could be to blame for this, a lot of things could be to blame for this, but instead of focusing on why I’m choosing to focus on solutions instead. My solution is to take September away from the blog, despite my intense wish to continue I know I can’t actually do it because wishing isn’t getting anything done.

I will use this time to build up my posts again, coming back strong in October and ready to share some great books with you all. I’m also coming back from a mini reading slump too so there will be a lot of books to talk about on my return.

Don’t forget there’s still more than eight years of reviews to flick through if you’re ever in need of a good recommendation.

I’ll see you all in October!

I’m Back! (with goodies to share)

First of all, I am well aware it has been An Age since I last posted on my blog. Even my well intentions around June for Pride fell flat because of Reasons but I finally find myself in the right state of mind that I am not only excited but actually capable of posting things again (whoo!). Before you all panic, I will not be backlogging the last three months with posts, but I will be posting a lot of my posts that were meant to come out during that time i.e my AWW update, my book bingo update etc. So I will combine those into one post and the last couple updates can be done in one go and I can get back on track.

I am not coming back with nothing. I have a huge amount of reviews to share because while I have not been posting I have still been reading. One thing I am eternally grateful for is audiobooks, for which the last five months have been keeping me sane. For all those times I haven’t even been able concentrate on reading a physical book I have had my headphones in my ears with a book playing. I have kept up my Goodreads reading challenge by reading book after book and being able to do that when I have had such an intense 2020 has been an absolute life saver.

Of course, writing many of these reviews still need to happen but I will get there because I have been taking notes and once I get back into the swing of things I will be able to post with my usual schedule. I will be posting less than before but if I can I will post more, so don’t panic if I post something and then you don’t hear from me for a week. I don’t want to post everything I have and in a few weeks be back with nothing to share.

And it’s not just my prattling that you get to enjoy again, since I am back I can celebrate and reward everyone for sticking with me and not abandoning me on the socials and for still visiting my dormant blog – you’re all wonderful! I know I promised this months ago for the Facebook group but I am going to combine and join forces with the blog. I will be running two giveaways to thank you all – one here and one on Facebook. Full details will be below and you are more than welcome to enter both!

I will leave you with my gratitude again, and my apologies because while I know a lot of us have had a hell of a 2020 due to the pandemic and a whole bunch of other things, and so many people have been affected in one way or another, I’m glad I can come back here to this community, to my little corner of the internet and find some sense of normalcy in a year that has been far from normal.


Now for the fun part! I am giving you a chance to win one of the books off my Top 5 from 2019 list. The full list is below or you can visit the original post page for extra details and links to my reviews. To enter into the giveaway I will be running them slightly differently: Head over to Facebook to check out my pinned post and learn how you can enter that one, if you’d like to enter the blog one head over to Rafflecopter and get your entries in to win. The prize is the same but you can enter both.

The giveaway will run until 11:59pm AEDT 21st October 2020 and is open internationally

Good luck and thank you!

Titles Up For Grabs

The Dead Queens Club by Hannah Capin

How to Fight A Dragon’s Fury by Cressida Cowell

They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera

The Vanishing Stair by Maureen Johnson

The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited by Clint McElroy

Giraffe Problems by Jory John

Llama Destroys the World by Jonathan Stutzman

Little Puggle’s Song by Vicki Conley

The Rough Patch by Brian Lies

I Want My Hat Back by Jon Klassen

Two Weeks MIA

I’m going to keep this short and sweet. I know you all may have noticed that after a relatively steady posting schedule through April I have dropped off the map. There is a good reason for this which I won’t go into the full details because it’s long and personal, but even with all the Covid drama around, apparently I still felt the need to create some different drama for myself.

All intentions of writing my mass backlog of reviews for May has failed and as I’m still in a wonky kinda state within myself I hope I can get to these eventually. I am still reading a lot, audiobooks are a godsend, Animal Crossing New Horizons is a godsend, and doing them both together is fabulous when you can’t do much else.

I still plan to honour my announcement on my Facebook page about offering a giveaway for my followers there so if you’ve ever thought about liking my page now’s the time to do it. I only need to find the energy to create it and away we go.

I’m still reading, multiple books per day sometimes which is amazing, flying through some great books, rushing through some not so great ones. I miss being able to sit down and type out my thoughts immediately after but I have got many notes at the ready for when I am able to sit at my computer and get a proper post organised so hopefully that’s enough. In the meantime, if you’re after some more recommendations, feel free to browse the tags or categories and maybe you’ll find a new book to love from an old review.

As for next month, I hope to see you here in June. I am looking at dedicating the entire month to Pride and various LGBTQIA books I have read in the past and plan to discover. I have been looking forward to this since last year so I am really hoping I’ll be up for the challenge.

Until then, you can follow me on Goodreads to see what I have been reading or let me know what you’ve been reading in the comments. If you want to vent about isolation go for it, if you want to talk about Animal Crossing I’m up for that as well. As always I’m up for recommendations, at the moment if there’s an audio version I’ll be super grateful but if not, it may find a place on my growing TBR pile.

Putting my best foot forward and reminding myself this is only temporary, I will see you all on the other side.

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