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I went to a book sale this morning. I almost didn’t go but I came away with some great books so that’s something. I managed to add more to my Babysitter Club collection by getting another one I was missing. I also added to my old hard cover Enid Blyton stories, grabbing a few more of those as well. Looking for the BSC books made me remember reading them obsessively as a kid. I am tempted to pull out the box they are stored in to give them another go. Oh could you imagine!

I have noticed that when you come to book sales there will always be the same books. Of course there are thousands of others but I bet without fail you will find some or all of the following books:

The Da Vinci Code
The Horse Whisperer
Angela’s Ashes
Eat, Pray, Love
The Help
50 Shades of Grey trilogy
The first and third book of a series, not the second
Any Danielle Steel novel
Or Michael Connolly
Or Mathew Reilly
Or Wilbur Smith
The Jane Austen classics

But you also find books that you love and you are shocked to find it on the table because it’s a brilliant book and why would anyone want to get rid of it. And you know there is no point in owning two copies so you don’t rescue it, instead you leave it there hoping someone else will pick it up and love it. Todays’ such finds were Winter by John Marsden and His Dark Materials, surprisingly number two was there!

The first stop in any book sale is always the children’s books. Partly to get the best books first and partly to get there before the nice rows get messed up and turn into one heap of books. The annoying part is the boxes under the tables, so you do one of two things, go all along the top then go back the other way looking underneath, or you go top and bottom as you shuffle your way along the rows, naturally squeezing inbetween people who have chosen to browse your aisle as well.

In the hour I spent there I bought ten books, mixed kids and fiction but I picked up more. I put about six back that I decided didn’t need to be bought. I was very proud, deciding that getting them from the library would suffice or I wasn’t 100% convinced I wanted to read it so not to waste the money on it.

I’m fairly happy with my final choices, for a grand total of $8 I got:

More Irish Fairy Tales by Sinead de Valera

BSC Mystery – Kristy and the Missing Child by Ann M. Martin

On the Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty

Toyland Tales by Enid Blyton

Mr Pink-Whistle Interferes by Enid Blyton

10 Short Stories You Must Read in 2010 collection

Chitty Chitty Bang bang by Ian Fleming

The Sheep Pig by Dick King-Smith

The Hums of Pooh by A. A. Milne

And since I just got a new bookcase, I don’t have to worry about where to put them anymore so I don’t even have to feel guilty about taking up space! So wins all round!

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