The Week Ahead

NewsThere are so many exciting things are happening this week in my little world! From Tuesday through Sunday I am booked out for six days straight of exciting bookish events!

On Tuesday I am heading to Sydney for the inaugural National Book Bloggers Forum hosted by Random House. I am really looking forward to this as it should be very interesting.

Wednesday night, I am going to an advance screening of The Fault in Our Stars movie thanks to Penguin Australia which should be amazing by all accounts. This is the movie adaptation of the book of the same name by John Green.

Then at the crack of dawn the next morning I am on a train off to the first day of my Sydney Writers’ Festival adventures. This year I have four exciting days of the SWF with so many wonderful sessions to attend. From Thursday through Sunday I am attending ten sessions and hopefully getting a few of my books signed. I love going to the SWF, I’ve only been going these past few years but it’s always a joy.

The sessions I am particularly eager to go to are The Wolf in Winter session with John Connolly, Mind the Body with John Connolly, and Violence, Lust, Revenge and a Touch of Poetry…also with John Connolly. There may be a slight John Connolly reason for my attendance this year but it is going to be awesome. I have been trying to practice my best ‘staying calm on the outside whilst freaking out on the inside’ but as my recent Ryan O’Neill experience at the Newcastle Writers Festival showed me, I have not perfected this yet. Hopefully if I get to meet John Connolly I will be calm enough to get some books signed and not sound too weird.

But I’m not just going for John Connolly let’s be clear! The wonderful Adrian McKinty who I fell in love with the at the NWF will be in some of Connolly’s sessions, and I am attending sessions with the delightful Kate Forsyth, Kathryn Heyman, plus many authors who I have yet had the pleasure of knowing about but who are in sessions that are filled with excellent topics of discussion including short stories, women writers, and book collecting and libraries.

Across these SWF days I am also going to be the master of multi-tasking because due to pressure and looming assignment due dates I am taking things for my uni assignments with me for those moments in between sessions and I’m not doing anything else. So if you come to the festival and see someone sitting on the wharf or at a table with piles of papers in front of her and she’s looking stressed, you’ll know why. The joys of having a writer’s festival in the final two weeks of uni when everything wants to be due.

As much as I am looking forward to this week there are going to be A LOT of early morning trains trips and a lot of late night returns. On top of my already sleep deprived state hopefully we can stay alert enough to get some wonderful notes from the Festival to come and report back to you all. Though if we’re honest it may be sometime in early June because with six days away from the computer my assignments are going to be getting some serious all nighters as a result. But we can’t miss out on a Sydney Writers’ Festival because some silly Masters degree wants to be completed! I may sneak a post or two about the other two events if I get enough work done beforehand. Who needs sleep when there are exciting things like this happening!

So those are my upcoming plans, nothing to it, won’t be any hassle at all *laughs to self unconvincingly*. I don’t know what’s going to happen come May 31st when I can slow down, but until then we power through it! Ā I hope you are all going to have a great week, it may be not as packed as mine, but if it is I hope it is enjoyable. If you are looking to attend the Sydney Writers’ Festival all the information is on their website about attending authors, venues, programs, and much more. Be sure to check the details because there are free sessions and paid sessions, and some sessions are booked out.

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