Sharing time!

I know I am supposed to power on with the glorious final book review from the Wicked Lovely series but I saw this and had to share this from Flavorwire –  The Best Fictional Libraries in Pop Culture.

I have to say I am not picky about my library but there is something pretty spectacular about the grand room with books to the ceiling. Though as The Shadow of the Wind shows (which is on the list, and yes I have been about half  way through it for about five months, but with a strong promise to return to it I swear!) that they do not always need to be grand and marvellous. I often find brilliant books in small libraries and unexpected places. Though I think a lot of my appeal is the joy I am sure you would experience sliding across the shelves on the ladders ala Bedknobs and Broomsticks style. On a side note: if you have not seen this movie and do not get this reference then you must rush out immediately, it is a glorious and under appreciated film and also a pretty cool book as well.

I can’t offer up the best fictional libraries without offering some real ones with the 20 Beautiful Private and Personal Libraries. This is also from Flavorwire. I went with the personal ones over the public ones because while they too can be spectacular, private ones have more charm and seem more impressive I feel. I think it is probably some superficial reasoning I have that it’s because they aren’t a huge building set to cater for thousands of people made by the city. Having said that though, I do hate all of these people just a little bit for having the creativity and the space for such beautiful collections. As the wise Terry Pratchett said, if you have enough book space, I don’t want to talk to you. Where is my gallery of images for books piled on top of books, and books in cupboards and under the bed and in makeshift bookcases with shoe boxes? That’s my kind of private library collection.


Two of the more pleasing bookshelves belonging to yours truly

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