Love Day

I have chosen this 14th of February as a time to reach out to those of us who tire of the ‘romance thing’ and think (like I did) that they wouldn’t read a romance novel. Now I understand the Romance genre is a huge selling point and for years there have been books written that indulge this love of romance, and entice the mushy side of our brains, aide the yearning people feel…perhaps venturing into a little too much towards Daisy and Keeping Up Appearances there. But the fact still remains that we cannot ignore the Romance. And on my tireless quest to fulfil the expected and probably unnecessary post for this strange “holiday”.

We once again turn to the goodreads crew who like to catalogue the book world for our easy convenience. Under the category Best Romance Novels of All Time I am greeted with covers for Twilight, 50 Shades of Grey, and The Hunger Games. Now I haven’t read The Hunger Games, I have been meaning to but it hasn’t happened yet, but from what I understand it is about a dystopian world where children fight and bread comes into it at some point, not so much the romance. I am just quite simply and blatantly ignoring the other two in obvious bias towards literature and yes even romance. What I did discover in this list of Top 100 books is I recognised a few, particularly The Notebook, Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice, and The Time Travellers Wife. I have actually read Jane Eyre and didn’t think of it as Romance at the time but I now see there are varying types of Romance, not all sex in the jungle with Fabio, nor over the top sensual desires of women and teenagers. I may also have forgotten that Nicholas Sparks is a romance writer and I did actually want to read The Notebook (perhaps less Dear John), and I have The Time Travellers Wife waiting patiently on my shelf as well so my whole anti romance stance may need a readjustment. There are as many on that list I do want to read as not, though in the minority I will admit, so having redefined Romance to myself I am now participating in the genre. I will say that well written romance is fine, what I don’t like is the mushy, sexual, Mills and Boone, quivering member type stories. And we once again head towards Daisy and Onslow…

So as we impeccably link the Romance back to the oh happy day I do hope you are having a great Valentine’s Day. I may not enjoy it myself, but I see the appeal. There is actually a book the Google god tells me that is called The Trouble With Valentine’s Day by Rachel Gibson, however much like the disappoint one discovers that The Lottery does not help you win the lottery, neither does The Trouble with Valentine’s actually give you clear and concise listings of what is wrong it. I shan’t get into it now or my cynicism will flare up again.

I have linked you all to this Best Romance Novels of All Time list so feel free to peruse and expand your Romance collection, perhaps you too will discover The Hunger Games is romantic, and I would like to veer you towards the Bronte’s and Austen’s hidden in the list amongst the strange vampiric, sensual, sappy, and perverted novels. The comments do raise arguments as people disagree with the list but it has been voted for by users of the site so you have no one to blame but yourselves.

Enjoy your day and read something spectacular.

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