Birthday Book Bonanza! (with Toby)

Seeing as how I have begun doing posts to celebrate author birthdays, I have delved deep into my creative mind and I have made a thing I would like to call the Birthday Book Bonanza. I have enlisted the help of the adorable to highlight the idea, and I think with his help and the fact it lets me highlight some great authors on their special day, it will be a lot of fun.

Personally, I have named him Toby, but he is here as my new colleague who will help celebrate these birthdays. Not just because I think authors need special shoutouts sometimes for writing us all wonderful and amazing books, but also because Toby is so filled with adorableness I would find a way to show him off somewhere for something at some point. So look out for Toby and for birthday posts, and I hope you are all out there in internet land reading something spectacular.

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