NewsSo much to discuss, so many announcements!

First of all let me do some shameless self promotion here and announce that the little blog Lost in a Good Book run by yours truly (with the help of Toby) has now got a Facebook page you can like, as well as a Twitter feed to follow (interestingly this will be posted on both so you already know these facts if you came from either of these sites). Both are very new as well so bear with me, but it is exciting all the same; now you can now get to us in all ways, shapes, and forms for you book reviews, book news, and rambling needs.

Secondly, next month is a very exciting time, there are some great author birthdays coming up, but I am also lucky enough to be participating in Kerry Letheby‘s blog tour for her book Mine To Avenge. On April 19 Kerry will be doing a guest post to talk a bit about herself, her new book, and anything else she has in mind. Of course if you cannot wait until then you can visit Kerry’s Facebook page to find out some more about her, the tour, and her book. The full details of that tour can be found here, it starts on April 15 and goes until the 26th. After my spot on the 19th she is being interviewed on my friend’s blog The Never Ending Bookshelf on April 23rd so be sure to keep track of the dates so you can catch her over there as well. There are lots of other great blogs participating in this and you can follow her tour as she blog hops around promoting her book. I have yet had the time to read it but I hear wonderful things and I assure you it will be read by the time Kerry reaches our little corner.

Third, April is also when Camp NaNoWriMo begins. If you haven’t heard of, or participated in NaNo before it is a brilliant experience that makes every November very creative and stressful. But Camp Nano is for those of you who have heard the call of novel writing outside the month of November. You can read all about it here, and then rush over and sign up for April.  There is another on in July if you want to have some time to build up your creative juices as well so do not feel panicked that you only have 5 days to prepare. I did my first NaNo in 2008, I loved it and have done it every year since. If you ever wanted to try this might be the time.

Fourthly, in my chaotic schedule I managed to miss the two month anniversary of my blog, it was on the 23rd. So belated congratulations to me! Reaching the first month seemed to take forever, and the second one just sneaks up on you. It’s been a great first couple of months, and I look forward to the next couple of months, and the next couple of months after that!

I think this is the last of the news, I’ll be back tomorrow with a review, have a wonderful evening and read something spectacular.

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  1. Kerry Letheby
    Apr 01, 2013 @ 22:32:29

    Thanks Amy for promoting my tour. I have a new website happening now in celebration of the tour, and the details are up there as well. You’ll find it at
    Looking forward to being hosted by you.



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