Happy Easter!


As I sit here at type this in the wee hours of the morning, the Easter Bunny is pottering around with the basket of eggs. I am being terribly quiet so as not to disturb, I would hate to have my haul revoked for revealing my presence. However I am reminded of how as a child I was not all that keen on the idea of this Bunny delivering things to my room. It was not the chocolate so much (the Humpty Dumpty egg being the joy, and the skill it took to eat all of a rabbit leaving just the thickest, nicest nether region and ears for last), but rather the lack of understanding about the dimensions of this Bunny. Was it a tiny Bunny that pounced delicately through the house, gently placing Humpty at my side, or rather was it the image I summoned, that of a large Bunny that loomed over me and put eggs by my side with its giant paws?

I did find “confirmation” of my theory when I half woke in a sleepy daze to see a dark silhouette standing in my room the night before Easter. This, I concluded, meant the Bunny was big, and that did not sit well with me. I always found it best not to think about how my eggs came to me, I decided if I didn’t think too hard about the Bunny, the Bunny would just potter around, do the job, and potter out again. This worked well for me.

As I have gotten older the Easter Bunny and I have settled our differences (whether the Bunny knew there were any differences remains to be seen, but I have settled my half regardless). Now I see that the Bunny was simple spreading joy, it is hardly the Bunny’s fault that he has more intimate interaction and less grace than Santa, and he is certainly lacking the agility one can expect from a Bunny that size.

Or perhaps, as all mysterious and wonderful things go, that the Easter Bunny does have all the magic of Santa; how else does he know what kinds of chocolate every one likes, and why buying things like Cherry Ripe eggs, or Lindt chocolate is a no no. No, I think if the Easter Bunny knows that all the world needs is some Red Tulip representations of the bunny community, a few Cadbury eggs to show support towards the chicken community, and the occasional Heritage Bilby as consolation for those of us who cannot catch a train through Europe, than that is pretty magical to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter no matter how you choose to celebrate it, and may the Easter Bunny be watching over you.

I think the Easter Bunny is on to me, I must go. Have a great day everyone!

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