Liebster Blog Award Nomination

The other night I was browsing the web as one does on a Thursday night, and discovered I had been nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Kerry Letheby. I will admit I was ecstatic, I didn’t even know what it was but I was thrilled. I headed straight to Google and managed to find a post by Sopphey Vance who had created a post last year trying to uncover the same answers I was. Having read Sopphey’s post I realised it is a popular but still very mysterious blogging award. According to Sophey’s extensive research this award has changed criteria in a short time. I think Kerry describes it well in her post when she says it is like Chinese whispers, and as people omit details or have slight variations it gets changed each time it is passed around. I did love from my research that so many people begin their posts on this as “From what I understand…”, and I have also seen many variations. Though I am not sure we need a solid idea, I like that it evolves and changes; keeps the mystery origins alive.

 People who are nominated are not required to respond or keep this cycle going, it is just a bit of fun where you can branch out and find some other wonderful people in this little interweb world. From its mysterious origins to today any Google search will tell you it is widespread thing and is a sweet recognition and award for bloggers to let another blogger know they are being pretty amazing with what they’re doing. Alas, there is no physical award, it is essentially a figurative internet delight, but still worthy of brag rights. Following this game of whispers, I will repeat what information I have been given. Who knows, in another year they may have changed again.

Key criteria of the Liebster Blog Award

 1. The nominated blogger must post 10 facts about themselves.

2. They must then answer 10 questions from the blogger who nominated them.

3. Then nominate 10 bloggers and give them 10 questions to answer.

4. Link to your ten bloggers in your blog post.

5. Let the bloggers know you have nominated them.

6. Don’t nominate the blogger who nominated you.

Ten facts about me

1. In high school I was the only one of my friends who was the youngest sibling, yet between my friends I was the oldest

2. I play music very loudly when I am home alone

3. I am slowly collecting one of each of the bad driving experiences

4. I tend not to wear shoes if I can get away with it

5. I do and will always love Disney films

6. If I had a better memory I’d be an astronomer (still a writer too, of course)

7. I am afraid of the dark, and my imagination when I am in that dark

8. I sing when no one is around

9. I get as excited over an author as people do over movie stars

10. Having a Scottish accent pretty much bypasses my filtering system of whether I am going to like you or not.

Kerry Letheby’s Questions

What is your favourite city in the world and why?
I’m tempted to say Edinburgh for no other reason than it is in Scotland, but it also has the comedy festival which I dream of going to one day, and yes, because it is in Scotland.

What was your first job after you left school?
I was working with a maintenance branch of the Department of Housing following up with customers about any work that had been done in their homes. It was…interesting if nothing else.

What was your favourite toy?
I was given a stuffed toy rabbit when I was one and I loved it from that moment pretty much, I played with him so much over the years I have replaced the majority of his original stitching with my own to patch up seam tears.

If you could choose any animal as a pet what would it be and why?
I would have a lion because not only are they adorable as cubs, they are so majestic and powerful as adults, and being able to touch and cuddle in their mane would be amazing.

Which season is your favourite and why?
Summer, because you can feel it; not just being hot, but in part there is a Christmas feel, it brings out your awareness of nature, and the smell of rain on burning road is one of the greatest smells in the world.

Which fictional character would you like to invite to dinner and why?
Just because Billy Connolly is in a book I don’t think that classes him as a fictional character, so I will have to pick Granny Next from the Thursday Next series. She is always so wise and knowledgeable in the books and she has her own secrets that would be wonderful to hear about, plus just learning more about the alternate world she lives in would be great.

Who is your favourite film star?
I am a sucker for Jude Law, but Johnny Depp is also high on the list. But he isn’t Jude Law.

Do you ever lend books to your friends?
Of course, I practically throw books at them demanding they read them because they are remarkable and had an impact on my life and I want to share that with them.

What is your favourite place to have a picnic?
A park would probably be the best place, just some grass, some trees, some cloud watching.

Describe your ideal day in twenty words or less.
Home alone, reading books all day back to back with no chance of being interrupted.

Keeping the mystery going! These are my ten nominated blogs if they choose to accept

The Write Stuff

The Awkward-ness

Drugs Called Books

S.I.K. Book Reviews

What I Like…

Rather Be Reading

Out of This World Book Reviews

Adventures of Life and Literature

Epic Reads

The Creative Forum

Their ten questions

1. What is something you have learnt recently?

2. Have you started reading different books since you started blogging?

3. What was the one book you hated that everyone raved about?

4. What is one of your reading pet peeves?

5. What did you want to be when you were younger?

6. What is the best and worst thing about blogging?

7. Who inspires you and why?

8. What makes you excited?

9. Do you collect anything?

10. Do you have any autograph of any one you admire?

Have fun with your answers if you choose to accept this challenge, keep up the wonderfulness, and read something spectacular!

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  1. Delaney
    Apr 15, 2013 @ 06:31:46

    Thanks for the nominate! ^^



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