Oh this has been a super crazy week, we’ve had author birthdays and reviews and uni work and no sleep and house sitting and chaos, it’s all a bit too much really. I am hoping it starts calming down soon. I remembered the other night as I realised I was on a review day (where does the time go? They blur all into one these days) that I used to do this once a day, back when there was time – ah time, we had so much fun. But we are powering through. I know if I start slacking off this may get abandoned for that education thing and I don’t want that to happen, this is a lot of fun, despite the fact it is somewhat neglected in the time and love aspects. But enough complaining we have some newsish things.

The super secret only Amy can know is coming in May, I am going to put up on May 4th, Star Wars day. It seems fitting in my mind, though it is probably not a strong connection exactly but I don’t care. So that is going to be amazing! So excited. I am also working on getting up my second Liebster Nomination up so you’ll have another list of facts about me and a bunch more blogs you should check out. Also I have been trying to get a Top 10 or  Theme Thursday up and going, I have had my little Theme picture made for months it just is not finding a spot in the schedule but I am trying so keep watching!

More importantly I have just realised something! Gee whiz, we are not good at these important milestones! I blame Shakespeare, I really do. So somehow it has already been another month, how does that even happen! But on the 23rd, which I am realising is the most under appreciated and remembered day (except for Shakespeare, see all his fault), but on the 23rd we hit out three month anniversary! Yay! It is speeding up the more months we accumulate, it is rather terrifying. In that three month period I have gotten a lot of visitors so thank you guys a lot. I do enjoy popping over to my stats and seeing the numbers go up and see the spread of colour on my visitor location map as my world domination comes to fruition. Did I say world domination? I meant a simple collection of visitors from every country and continent *innocent smile*. But thank you guys a lot. Read, share and repeat and all that jazz.

So as I say it is hectic right now, I cannot wait for June when all the crazy stops for a while and I can focus on reading full time instead of just minutes here and there. It is taking a lot longer to get through books this way, it is rather frustrating, especially when they are so enthralling! I am hoping to have a review up soon of Kerry Letheby’s book Mine to Avenge, if you haven’t checked out her guest post or tour you should do that. There is also a giveaway (ends May 3rd) of her book over with Jess at The Never Ending Bookshelf.

But enough on me, ok one more, usual reminder for the Twitter/Facebook extra content and fun times option and all the buttons to click to get those and I hope to see you all for month four. Stay tuned for super exciting (to me and maybe to you) things in May, more birthday posts, more reviews, and I hope you all have a wonderful day and read something spectacular.

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