Star Wars Day

We will ignore the fact that this site is ruining the greatest day ever by having a hissy fit about comments and not letting people through, yes you! And instead we will enjoy Star Wars Day happily and merrily and remind people they can still comment on Facebook.

I recently undertook a Star Wars marathon which was glorious. I insist that every one should do this, and I also insist that you watch them originals and then prequels. You will do yourself no good watching them 1-6 because it ruins practically everything in 4-6 by watching 1-3 first.

I will say I hold A New Hope (IV) as a high favourite because it was the one I saw first, however I rather enjoyed Revenge of the Sith (III), but that one pretty much confirms the idea you have to watch them old then new. And then when you think about it they were all amazing, yes even the other prequels, though there are some serious cringe-worthy moments in them. I was 11 when I saw the first prequel, and being young and naive I really liked it. Now I can see the flaws, but there are still good moments, and they are good films, as odd sequel prequels. It is much better to see where it began after the fact than try and watch it chronologically.

There are many Star Wars books, a lot of them extending storylines after films and looking at where and how characters ended up. There are a lot. They have been going awhile, list is here. There are a range of different books and facts and artworks and a whole collection of Star Wars content that goes beyond the films. Even the television shows and the merchandise probably is on par with what the fans have created.

As favourite characters go I have and always will be a Chewy fan, but I have got a soft spot for the Ewoks, I am not entirely sure why but I do. What I find interesting it the fact people go on about the Luke/Leia kiss, and I always thought she only kissed him out of spite to annoy Han. No? Luke may have had his own agenda but I thought it was Leia and Han from the early beginning. I may be wrong, I may have missed something, but that is what I like to think.

So have a happy Star Wars Day, and let us have a proper think about what the next lot of Star Wars films could bring now that Disney is in charge, they did do Avengers, but they also did [insert all their bad attempts at doing serious live action films]. I eagerly wait and see, and surely having Lucas out of range with all his fiddling is better? Maybe? I don’t know, it always makes me think of that Simpsons episode where Bart and Lisa go to Cosmic Wars Ranch and meet “Randell Curtis” to discuss the horrible turn his films have taken. I did always think that ‘The Gathering Shadow’ take on The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones was exaggerated, but when I watched them again I realised it was rather accurate, and that made me slightly sad. But really, I think aside from a few story history fillers, there is little real adventure in the prequels, it is very political and the action only adds to providing back story. But we love them, and they make us happy. So whether you are a original movie only person, or an all in 6 movie, TV shows, lego games, board games, fan fiction, novels, novelty toys, lightsabre wielding person, have a great day, watch some Star Wars, read some Star Wars, or just share some Star Wars with the uninitiated!

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