NewsHey guys!

This isn’t news exactly but we will class it as such anyway. Well it is technically…either way.

So this is the new site, as you can see it is very much like the old one which is excellent; also hello to any newcomers who have come straight here and not from my post on the previous site. I will not do a big thing about the move or more venting, I feel just moving on past it and getting settled back into a routine is best. Uni has finished for three whole months so I am full of free time to read and finally catch up on reviews, so apologies for delays there.

But also heads up, in July I am going to the UK for a few weeks *squeal* so my chances of posting for the first three weeks may be slim, but that is not to say I will not try my hardest to keep it going.

In the chaos of the blogs and the exams and the sleep deprivation I missed a couple birthday posts which is a shame. One I really wanted to highlight was John Connolly, the author behind the Charlie Parker series and the awesome beyond awesome novel ‘The Book of Lost Things’.  My review for that is here if you haven’t read it, and I had grand plans to read a Charlie Parker novel by his birthday and get the birthday post up but again, uni. So instead I will just put it out in the world that I will be reading that and reviewing that soon I hope, my library isn’t the best at having popular books so we will see how we go.

The other birthday we missed was Thomas Hardy who wrote Tess of the D’Urbervilles. That was a great book I read a few years ago for uni, it was certainly unexpected. I will try and get my review for that up at some point as well; I think you should all read that. Though if we start discussing all the books I’ve read I think you should read we’d be here for days, and who has days with all this free time around that I need to use to catch up on all the things I have been postponing for three months?

But anyway, thank you for following me here, thank you for finding me here for all the newbies, and I hope you find some great books and book related things. Despite my free time I will be maintaining my Monday, Wednesday, Friday system (exceptions again are birthday posts) but they may not always be reviews.

Also as usual there are more book and reading related things on the Facebook and Twitter pages that don’t make it to the blog, those links have not changed. I will leave you all now as I have a bit of unpacking to do around the place and putting everything in its rightful place takes time.

Have a great afternoon and read something spectacular.

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  1. The Story Reading Ape
    Jun 07, 2013 @ 00:55:05

    Found you again 🙂



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