Update (aka I’m still alive and kicking)

NewsI have not disappeared, I promise. But it seems the reviewing, and the reading to be honest, has been pushed aside sadly. In 7 days I am going to the UK for three weeks (*silent freak out*) and then I think we will really have some proper intentional absence. But I am going to try and get some more reviews done before I go but I  just wanted to check in and say I hadn’t forgotten you all. I am still trying to share things on Facebook and Twitter because it is easier, but they too are a bit neglected. There can be a thing as too much free time I think.

Anyway I hope you are all wrapped up warm and reading in my absence though (of those of you in Summer you are outside reading wonderful things). I just finished The Heiresses by Alison Rushby which was awesome, and I am still fighting to finish Vice Versa. I want so bad to like it but it is just so hard! The next book is going to be a tough choice, I have a long plane trip ahead of me, I must chose wisely.

Have a great afternoon and I promise the review for The Heiresses should be up soon and hopefully more catch up posts as well *fingers crossed*. Oh and quick reminder, there is still four weeks to go on the giveaway (US & Aust) but just remember, you have to tweet the Goodreads link the Copper Girl, then let me know your Twitter name in the comments of the post so I can check, doing that gets you two entries automatically. There are more details on the post itself. Good luck if you’ve entered!

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