News: Farewell But Not Goodbye

ImageSo tomorrow is the big scary day, the holiday. I am sharing the terror and the anxiety with the eagerness and excitement, all of which switch dominance as the night progresses. But aside from that we have announcements. Since I will be travelling and having a right good time I fear there will be a break in the postings.

Yes, I hear you, there have been some breaks already, but holiday planning is time consuming, and life is time consuming and things have been time consuming and I apologise. But rest assured things will pick up upon my return.

What I am going to try and achieve (she says with so many intentions of trying to do), is that while I am gone I will probably only be able to get birthday posts up, because there are some great authors birthdays, but I can’t promise anything, but I do wanna try. I am taking books with me for the long flight so who knows, I may get a nice new review up, that’s something to look forward to, nice quiet reading time at last.

In my absence don’t forget that my giveaway is still running, the close date isn’t for another three weeks, so you can still get your entry in. There are two entry options if one doesn’t work.

Other than that I can’t really offer much else except behave yourselves while I am gone, read something spectacular, and I will see you in a more permanent and less¬†sporadic manner in three weeks.

UK here I come! *squeal*

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  1. allvce
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 22:42:24

    I hope you have an amazing time!



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