March Madness

NewsSo March is going to be the busy and exciting month already. On Monday Uni goes back for another three months of long hours of sitting in front of the computer, zero to nonexistent chance of me leaving the house, and only communicating with people via the internet with that possibly being mainly about Uni and Uni complaints.

This should and hopefully be my last semester before I can proudly say I am a qualified librarian which is exciting, but it will involve me doing four courses instead of the recommended two. I’ve done three in the past but four is going to be a challenge, but one I am determined to face. The Uni system for this course pretty much ruins everything by only offering certain courses in certain semesters, and even then it only runs for two out of four semesters with the next one with my courses not starting until August. So the desire to finish without waiting another nine month has bumped up my study schedule just a smidge.

March is also exciting because I am helping out with a book release, including a cover reveal and a range of goodies. Nikki Rae, the author of Sunshine and Sun Poisoned, is releasing her final book in the Sunshine series on the 28th of March and during the week of the release I am going to be posting an interview, Nikki is going to do a guest post and there should even be a giveaway. I’ll be doing a cover reveal on the 10th but you will have to wait for all the other goodies until closer to the release date.

What else is happening. You may have noticed I did some renovations on the blog, nothing too drastic but I did go through the reviews and spruce them up a tad, that was a fun slightly repetitive couple of days. I also tried to sort out some of these widgets but they are being just as uncooperative as ever so round the back way it was again to get them working, especially the quotes and my Goodreads challenge. More work for updating them but they do work so it is ok.

I also went through and organised my tags, and classifying things which was fun. It is amazing how books are not as straightforward as we’d like to believe. It also provided some excellent material for a post I have been working on for a few weeks, so hopefully we can get that up sooner rather than later as well. I also created my Top Five for 2013 of the great books I read so we’ve had a highly productive few days over here. Having said that I have done absolutely nothing to prepare for Uni on Monday so my priorities are clearly in order there.

That could be all the news; I did find an old document that has some post ideas that I can do as well which was cool. Some were waiting on me to finish certain books while others have been further inspired by my renovations and reading old posts. It should give me something interesting away from Uni when I haven’t finished a book or a review yet. One I thought about over Christmas was on all the sequels I am looking forward to reading, so there may be a self imposed challenge of making this semester a sequel focus which could be fun. Depending on how busy these first few weeks are I may even get more catch up posts done which would be excellent. I’m slowly reducing my half finished review pile. It is highly satisfactory.

I think we have reached the end of the news now, I hope you are all out there having a wonderful first day of Autumn, or a wonderful day of your current season and you are all reading something spectacular.


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  1. allvce
    Mar 01, 2014 @ 17:20:34

    Whoo to being qualified librarians!!!



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