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NewsI’ve been back at Uni for six days now. It has gone fairly ok. The typical first week bludge is in full swing, we tried hard to first two days and then we wandered off again. But with 7 years of uni under my belt I know how the system works, all unis are the same online or not. Next week we can get serious. This is the time to check all the bits and pieces then go off and finish the three books I’m reading and trying to create memories so I can remember what free time and fun feel like when I am stressed and have assignments coming out my ears.

I say that, but I must say one of my courses is so super interesting. It’s one of my electives called “History of the Book” and even in the first week it has taught me so much and so many interesting things about the origin of books and where the change from scrolls and tablets to books and manuscripts occurred. I was actually thinking of doing a post on it because it was truly a great read, and so relevant!

In other news, I am currently on a short stories run, I am reading Ryan O’Neill’s collection The Weight of a Human Heart (which is flipping awesome!), plus John Connolly’s Nocturnes, and they could not be any different from one another but I am getting a lot of good ideas for my own stuff which is fun.

In actual news, Monday marks the first unofficial stage of Nikki Rae’s Sun Damage blog tour and the start of the goodies that I’ll be having in helping to promote it. The official tour starts on March 14th and runs until April 6th but I’ll be doing a cover reveal on Monday to spark your interests, if you look at the past covers in the series you see just how excellent they have been and how good the third one is going to be.

As part of her tour Nikki is going to be doing a guest post for me, as well as an interview, and I’m also going to be hosting a giveaway and posting my review of the excellent Sun Damage to entice you further.  Those are for a bit later in the month though so for now the cover reveal must suffice.


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  1. allvce
    Mar 08, 2014 @ 22:30:10

    Yes, that first week. Such high and good intentions yet so much work not done.



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