Newcastle Writers Festival on Reflection

After two wonderful days and one wonderful evening the 2nd Newcastle Writers Festival is over. Once again I have been exposed to so many new and wonderful authors, all of whose works I now have to devour.

At the opening night Wendy Harmer made everyone laugh and think and every author I had the honour of listening to was a wealth of knowledge and provided many laughs of their own in each event.  And even for all the sessions I was unable to attend  I have no doubt that everyone took something away from it and with a smile on their face.

Of the highlights I can’t say I have a single favourite, though there is a small bias towards all things fairy tales and short stories.

After learning and listening about crime fiction, children books, fairy tales, short stories and much much more I can be sure to say that I have a myriad of ideas, knowledge, admiration, and wonderment as a result…not to mention sore feet and empty pockets.

With a chance to get signed copies, the occasional photo and sneaky chat, plus up and close interaction with a variety of authors, there was a strange form of intimacy as you all wandered the same city hall, seeing the same familiar faces in audiences and even seeing those who were on previous panels now sitting beside you in the audience of another.

The new city hall location was good as it allowed quick journeys from room to room and let us stay dry in the brief rainfall event.

Macleans the booksellers also did an excellent job in getting books to their devoted would be owners and it was fascinating watching the piles of books drop so drastically in a matter of moments.  I myself came out of the weekend with four bags and 14 new books for my ever growing shelves, not to mention all the great authors I discovered.

All in all it was it was a superb weekend once again, one that went by far too quickly and one I already look forward to in 2015.

We must also continue to thank Rosemaree Milsom for thinking up this wonderful festival and making it one I look forward to attending for many years into the future.

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