The Australian Fairy Tale Society Conference

I discovered the greatest thing this afternoon. I got an email from Sarah Gibson, the filmmaker who wrote and directed the stunning series on ABC and gorgeous website about Re-enchantment, and she was sending out an email to say that her book “Re-enchantment: Ways to Interpret Fairy Tales” was available from the iTunes store for $4.99. That was cool enough, but then, underneath it also had a note to say that Sarah would be speaking at the Australian Fairy Tale Conference on Monday June 9th in Sydney. And I was like, the what now? Now I did not know that there was a Fairy Tale Conference, I thought I had been missing out for years on fairy tale conferences but it seems this is the inaugural year. I am seriously considering going as well; I think it would be wonderful.

The conference is being put on by the Australian Fairy Tale Society with the theme ‘The Fairy Tale in Australia’. The society, which is a national not-for-profit, are focused on “collecting, preserving, discussing, sharing, and creating Australian fairy tales.” according to their website. The conference is being held in Paddington at the Paddington Uniting Church and the standard cost is $95, less if you are a member of the society. The program is also available from the society website where you can see the breakdown of the day plus the special guests. There are a range of wonderful people speaking including Sarah Gibson, Kate Forsyth, as well as a many others.

The conference is on the Queen’s birthday long weekend for those considering going, and at $95 for a day of listening to how Australia plays a role in the creation of fairy tales, it is a pretty good day. You can register your place on the website, as well as check out more about the Society and the conference.


All Your Bits and Pieces Needs
Australian Fairy Tale Society Website
Australian Fairy Tale Society Facebook
Re-enchantment website


Also, for those interested in Sarah’s ebook here is some more information.

RE EBOOK COVER 7Written by Jungian analyst and filmmaker Sarah Gibson and designed by Rose Draper, this eBook presents new ways to interpret fairytales in a visually stimulating and immersive way. Chapters explore the hidden psychological meanings of fairy tales symbols and motifs. They unlock the secrets of the emotional power of fairy tales and why they continue to stir our imagination. The eBook features video, audio, animation and stunning visual design. It showcases re-imaginings by over thirty contemporary artists. Be curious. Be surprised. Be inspired.

Buy from iTunes

iTunes preview


iTunes Preview


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