Library Lovers’ Day 2015

lld250Valentines Day is just around the corner, but for all the book lovers out there it is also known as Library Lovers’ Day. A day of affection and appreciation not for the person in your life, but for the love of libraries and books. Libraries are not just about books anymore, there are so many great things to do there and it is wonderful there is an occasion to celebrate them. Officially February is also Library Month, a whole 28 days to celebrate the marvel that is the library, but 14th Feb is singled out as Library Lovers’ Day.

Head down to your local library and see what the great librarians and cupid have cooked up to celebrate the love of libraries. My library is offering Blind (Book) Dates where books are wrapped in plain paper to add an air of mystery to your book choices, they’ve also got a range of activities for everyone including writing your favourite book title on hearts and sticking them on the wall for everyone to see and gain ideas from. Every library is different so see what great things your library has available, you never know what you’ll find. If your library is not participating never fear! Show your love anyway by perusing their shelves and borrowing something on a whim, ask other people for their favourite books and read that, or even returning to an old favourite, maybe even suggest they participate next year!

For information about Library Lovers’ Day you can check out the Australian Library and Information Association information page, or have a look at the fun links included below where you can see last year’s event, or get some great resources like social media images, stickers, bookmarks, and more!

Have a wonderful Library Lovers’ Day and fall in love with a book today!

All Your Fun Bits and Pieces Needs

Australian Library and Information Association Facebook

Highlights from Library Lover’s Day 2014

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Learn How to Get Involved

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  1. laura
    Feb 13, 2015 @ 14:39:58

    Love this idea… i couldn’t be without my library. Especially for kids books. It is just so great to be able to take them on adventures in a book, and to the great story times so many libraries provide. I’m loving how libraries have got on board ebooks too 🙂



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