11th May: Sabriel Day

Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom series is a brilliant series that consists of SabrielLiraelAbhorson, and now the prequel Clariel. The 11th of May marks the 20th anniversary of Sabriel being published in Australia and for the past month on Twitter (and in part on Facebook) Nix has been discussing how to celebrate.

From deciding Sabriel Day should be on 11 May he has also been going through his storage and numerous boxes uncovering amazing things about the beginnings of Sabriel and the final print. Below are some of the great discoveries Nix has made such as the original handwritten five book manuscript!

There are more amazing things being uncovered from storage including the original printed manuscript

A gorgeous ARC print

And Nix has even tried to get a Google Doodle organised.

As part of this newly founded Sabriel Day and in celebration for the 20th anniversary, Garth is giving people a chance to win a range of amazing things. From bell charms to signed copies, even a signed photocopy of the original manuscript! To take part in this amazing celebration there are a range of things you can do.

According to Nix:

To be in it, you just need to post something to do with SABRIEL *on May 11th* in your timezone. It could be a review, some memories of reading the book, cosplay pics, your artwork inspired by the book, how you met someone reading it, any thoughts, observations, memories, creations. Post it anywhere you like: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, your blog, a review on Amazon or an indie bookshop site, whatever you like. Include the hashtag #SabrielDay

 Then make sure you comment on *this* original post with a link to whatever you posted. If you aren’t on Facebook, get someone else to do it for you. On May 12th I’ll use my old D&D dice to randomly pick some recipients.

The full details and instructions are here.

If you want to learn more about Garth Nix, you can check out his details in the bits and pieces below, or Epic Reads has a great video you can watch so you can get to know the amazing author that is Garth Nix. In the meantime, I am off to start thinking of something I can post on Sabriel Day!

All Your Garth Nix Bits and Pieces Needs





Old Kingdom | Keys to the Kingdom

Trouble Twisters UK | Trouble Twisters AU


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