Upcoming celebration!

20thInspired by Garth Nix’s recent celebration of Sabriel’s 20th year since publication, when I discovered July marked the 20th anniversary of the publication of Northern Lights by Philip Pullman (also known as The Golden Compass in the USA and other places) I just had to do something. Northern Lights and the entire His Dark Materials series mean the world to me and I could think of no better way to celebrate than dedicating an entire month to it in all its glory.  As far as I am aware Philip Pullman isn’t doing anything to commemorate, which is fine, but I could not let this celebration pass without acknowledging what an impact this book, and the series, has had on me.

From 1st July through to the 31st I am going to be posting a range of things relating to Northern Lights as well as the other books, including the two additional books outside the trilogy. I have reviews, thoughts on rereading and the characters, rambles about what an amazing set of books these are, plus a range of other things all planned. I expect by the end of July you are either going to be overloaded and need a long break from hearing about these books or you’ll be converted into loving them and reminded why they are so brilliant!

During this time I am not going to be posting any other reviews which means I need to get the remainder of my list finished by 30th June and won’t be reading any more until August, but aside from that I am extremely excited and eagerly wait for July!

And if at any time in July you guys have any Northern Lights or His Dark Materials opinions or thoughts I’d love to discuss them with you as well! I can gush about scenes and weep about characters, and discuss intensely on the unfairness of our own daemon lacking world for days, so I look forward to hearing from you!

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