Characters in The Amber Spyglass

Many of the characters from the previous two books make appearances in The Amber Spyglass, both brief and otherwise. The main reoccurring characters include:

Lyra Silvertongue          Will Parry

Dr Mary Malone          Iorek Byrnison

Balthamos          Baruch

Mrs Coulter          Lord Asriel

Serafina Pekkala

There are also numerous new characters as well. The Amber Spyglass is a wonderful place where reunions of beloved characters come together with new faces, all working together and against one another in the final battle that brings this series to a thrilling end across numerous worlds and with uncharted dangers.

Chevalier Tialys

chevalier_tialys_by_meadowerThe Chevalier Tialys is a Gallivespian, a race described as being as tall as the length of a human hand. Because of their size they are excellent spies and ride around in saddled dragonflies they raise from larvae. Tialys is described as having dark hair, bare feet, wearing Capri-length silver trousers and looking “strong, capable, ruthless, and proud”. Like all people of the Gallivespian race, Tialys has spurred feet, able to inject various levels of poison into enemies.

Lady Salmakialady_salmakia_595

The Lady Salmakia is a Gallivespian spy, just like Tialys. They are partners on their mission for Lord Asriel. Like Tialys she is described as being “strong, ruthless, and proud” and is depicted as quite maternal, and much more diplomatic and calm than her partner. Lyra describes her not as beautiful, but as having a face someone suffering would want to see. Salmakia is dressed similar to Tialys, bare spurred feet but with a silver skirt and a green blouse.


The Authority

The Authority’s Church and organisations are mentioned frequently throughout the series but he himself only appears in The Amber Spyglass. He is the first angel to come into existence, followed by the other angels, and resides and rules from the Clouded Mountain, a mobile city believed by those in that universe to be Heaven. He took power over the Kingdom of Heaven under false pretences and lies but when other angels discovered his illegitimate claims they began the rebellion against the Kingdom of Heaven. The Authority assumes several names, including “Yahweh”, the “Lord”, “El”, “Adonai”, and “the Almighty”. As he got older he withdrew into the city and appointed Metatron as his regent.


xaphania2_595Xaphania is the leader of the rebel angels who have allied with Lord Asriel. Like other angels she is described as being naked, winged, and luminous, not shining but having an unseen light shine upon her. She is higher up than Balthamos or Baruch and is clearly visible to corporeal beings.



metatron2_595Metatron is the Regent of Heaven, appointed by the Authority but also seeks to overthrow him and seize power himself. He is a medieval Judaic Archangel and is the ultimate antagonist of the series even though he doesn’t appear until the end. He is said to be the biblical character Enoch, who is in the line between Adam and Noah.


atal_by_jennarotancrede-d36eq16The Mulefa are not so much a character as a species, but one in particular, Atal, is a reoccurring figure and friend to Dr Mary Malone. Mulefa is the plural while Zalif is the singular. The Mulefa are a sapient species who inhabit the universe Dr Malone escapes into. They have four legs, short horns, and a prehensile trunk that is used as hands as well as communication. They are elephant-like creatures but have a diamond shaped skeleton without a spine and they use giant seed pods as wheels, attached to the spurs on their front and rear legs. Adding a seed pod is classed as a rite of passage when a Zalif is old enough to fit one. The seed pods fit the front and rear legs, with the side two being used to propel them alone, much like a cyclist without pedals.

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