November Reads

November is filled with many great things, NanoWriMo, upcoming Christmas, warmer weather that means summer is coming. This November I have set myself a goal of reading six books. This is of course on top of finishing my Book Bingo which has been sadly neglected, so with two months left in the year I am on a reading journey to fill the gaps and catch up on some great books.

The books I am planning on reading are ones I have been hanging out to read. Some have been sitting on my TBR shelf for months because I haven’t had the time, others I have been waiting for release dates. I am so thankful to each of these authors for offering me their books to read.

I know I am being a tad foolish thinking I can read this many, especially when all my free time is being dedicated to writing my Nano story, but if it leans into December that will have to be ok!

All of these are sequels as well and I can promise the first in each series is well worth the read. I will link up my reviews to them if you want to see where their stories begin.

The Ceruleans Series by Megan Tayte







Review: Death Wish (#1)

The Guardian Series by Heather McCollum

Broken (#2)


Review: Siren’s Song (#1)

Saltwater Secrets Series by Jade Varden

Death and the Deep (#2)


Review: Song of the Sea (#1)

City Love Series by Belinda Williams

Modern Heart (#3)


Review: The Boyfriend Sessions (#1)

Review: The Pitch (#2)

In between all this reading I will still be doing my NaNo story, the late nights of typing away may be followed up with a continued late night reading in bed, but what’s November without a challenge on all fronts! Whether I will get reviews of these up in November is a different matter, but I assure you they will be coming at some point so keep an eye out. Or you can always take a risk and pick a series to dive right into semi-sight unseen! I will recommend any and all of them!






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  1. allvce
    Nov 05, 2015 @ 20:45:27

    Good luck! I am also lining up books for my bingo list!



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