Book Bingo 2015

And so we reach the end of 2015 which means my first Book Bingo must also come to an end. I started this year rather well; I was filling in squares and was thinking I may actually finish early (ha!). Of course this didn’t happen, mainly because I did so many early in the year I thought I should slow down…which result in me falling behind and having to cram about five squares into the last couple weeks. But we managed it! I am aiming for better Bingo control next year. Like most things regarding this blog, the first half of the year starts off great and by the time October hits suddenly it gets a bit slack.

I really enjoyed my first Bingo experience. I got to read some different things, trying to find things that suited the categories I had created. Many of these books were given reviews, but many didn’t. There was never a conscious decision not to, but it just worked out that some did and some didn’t. I think next year I will aim to get reviews for all of them, and certainly more updates on my progress. Though as I say, there was a lot of boxes filled towards the end that happened to fast to really boast about.

It took until the very last week to achieve any Bingo line, which was followed quickly by two more. Total luck of the draw and what books were read, I definitely need to plan my reading better and maybe actually reach a Bingo before the last week of the year. Technically though, I started this at the end of January, and could have convinced myself to give myself more time, but I would rather finish this year and begin the next one as soon as possible.

I added the books I read to my completed Bingo sheet for those interested. I recall a few people were going to attempt their own Bingo’s this year, did you succeed? How many did you get through? I don’t think everyone is as picky as I am about finishing things before deadlines but unlike me you may also have paced yourself better. If you finished congrats! Good luck if you plan on trying again next year. I will be posting my second Bingo card up early next year. Once again you’re welcome to use the one I have created or hunt down or create your own.

Bingo card w books


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