New Month, New Season, New Ideas!

NewsIt’s 1 March, autumn has arrived, and with a new month comes to implementation of all my ideas! I have a few new blog features I am going to try about this year, and I have a few reading challenges I’m participating in that I will be updating you on. I’ve also had a restructure of my review requests and how I manage them. So there’s some of the new plans, all semi-inconsequential in the grand scheme of things but I’m a believer that if I share my plans I have more chance of following through so here we are.

Already with only two months into the year I am again inundated with requests! Thank you all so much for wanting me to review your books, I am properly honoured. I also know how easy it is to become overwhelmed and bogged down with reading requests and become stressed trying to review them and catch up when I fall behind. It’s happened done before and it’s not fun. So as a result, this year I am restricting myself so I can maintain balance. I am going to review a set number of request books a month, leaving enough time for me to read other books and complete other goals like the Australian Women Writers, Book Bingo, or any other book. Nothing else has changed, as usual unless a request is made for a certain date/day for the review to go up it goes in the queue and read in the order I received it. And of course, if I review more than my set number a month that’s great! I just need a limit so I don’t become stressed. Last year was so chaotic with falling behind and promises and the fact I think I read nothing but requested books I don’t want to do that to me or you guys again.

So there’s that. But that’s just one tiny thing I have happening! I’m going to be posting ongoing updates once a month about my Book Bingo process and my AWW challenge (and sticking to this plan). I’m also looking at a new feature called “From the Shelf” where I pick a book from my bookshelves and read it. That way I can also address my unread book collection and share all the awesome books I have.

In fun actual news, I have two big events planned for this year: the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and the 90th anniversary of Winnie the Pooh. Like my July block out for His Dark Materials, I will be doing something similar in April and October for these events so look out for those. The Newcastle Writers Festival takes place early April so there will be a lot about that as well.

In the near future, I have a few reviews coming up this week for some amazing books, and I am heading to a book launch this weekend so I’ll be posting a wrap up of that too. The event is for YA author Kaz Delaney’s new book The Reluctant Jillaroo, if you’re in the Newcastle/Hunter area and want to head to Cardiff library this Saturday come and join the festivities. Details on booking here. I’ll also be drawing the winners from my Loved Loot giveaway. I’m pretty sure every entry is going to win so congrats, but I will post about that soon too.

This is a very brief update because I have so much to do I can’t spend all the time talking about it and not actually doing it! I look forward to sharing my new features, and hopefully share with you some amazing books and book content! Don’t forget to like the Facebook page and Twitter for a bunch of other content like articles and fun book things I don’t share on the blog.

Happy 1 March and hopefully you are all reading something spectacular!


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  1. allvce
    Mar 02, 2016 @ 17:40:29

    I look forward to reading the From the Shelf and two big months! Aleays look forward to Shakespeare month 😀



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