Fun With Shakespeare

It’s not all plays and analysis here, there’s a whole heap of fun stuff about Shakespeare to enjoy. From stories to skits and songs there’s a range of things to enjoy and discover. I’ve compiled a list of things to get you started on the fun side of Shakespeare.

Fun Stuff

Shakespeare through infographs
How the Shakespeare Characters Are Connected
Shakespeare in Pop Culture
Shakespeare references in Disney movies
TV Shows and Movies based on Shakespeare
Further fun at No Sweat Shakespeare
Shakespeare Quiz
Insult by Shakeapeare
Shakespearean Insulter
Shakespeare Insults
17 Shakespearean Insults To Unleash In Everyday Life
Shakespeare for Kids
Shakespeare Fun Stuff
That’s not Shakespeare
The Ultimate Movie Adaptation List


Shakespeare’s Skull is Missing
Rare Shakespeare Edition Found
Shakespeare’s Handwriting to be Digitised


A Tiny Feast by Chris Adrian

Titania and Oberon, the Queen and King of the Fairies, live under a hill in a modern city park. To save their marriage, they take a mortal toddler and raise him, only to discover he has developed terminal leukaemia. The story is set in a fairy den and an oncology ward, and is a heartbreaking and very real story about love, death, and parenthood.

Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde

Granted this series isn’t solely about Shakespeare, but there are running themes, ongoing jokes and references, and the fourth book, Something Rotten, is so Shakespeare it’s incredibly clever and amusing. If you’ve read the books you may want to check out the many allusions to Shakespeare in the series, there are references to plays but also mentions about the author debate and Shakespeare clones.


This glorious website has multiple lists that explore Shakespeare retellings of every kind.

Rewriting Shakespeare (YA edition)
Popular Shakespeare Retellings
Retelling Shakespeare


Epitaph on Shakespeare by John Milton
Poems about Shakespeare


Horrible Histories Shakespeare Song
Horrible Histories Shakespeare Mastermind
Horrible Histories Shakespeare Doesn’t Like Fighting Song
Horrible Histories Quote Alert
QI The Immortal Bard
Changing interpretations of Hamlet

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