It’s Gonna Be May

As fun as having an entire month dedicated to Shakespeare was, my goodness it was hard work. I’m also now a bit lost in my plans, I have reviews that need writing, updates about Bingo and AWW that need posting. I feel like I’ve come back from a break and need to readjust. Not the case of course, but in a way Shakespeare and life took up so much of my time my plan to multitask blogwise has not come true. But I’m rectifying this and will be posting normally again soon. Even if I’m not that far ahead in my reading challenges I want to post an update just to start feeling on top of things again. I’ve got a new feature I finally got around to doing something about during Shakespeare Month. It’s been in my drafts forever and I finally did something with it so I’m excited about that.

I have a few books events coming up and some I need to write up so I will be posting those over the week, Star Wars Day is coming up again on Wednesday too which will be fun. May also means the Sydney Writers’ Festival so in a couple of weeks I will be heading to Sydney for another week of awesome bookish fun. Really, the more I think about it I’m not actually becoming less busy, but there’s some exciting things happening.

I’m also going to be doing a group read of the Bindarra Creek series with Jess from The Never Ending Bookshelf. You may have seen the multiple Facebook and Twitter posts about it. You’re free to join in with us, just head over to Jess’ post and leave a comment letting us know you’re interested.

So that’s May, I can’t believe it’s May but it kind of feels like May too. Winter is coming and the weather can’t make up its mind so there’s some good rainy and cool reading days to enjoy.

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  1. allvce
    May 04, 2016 @ 14:20:32

    I hope you intention was to get ‘It’s Going to Be Me’ by ‘N Sync in my head…



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