The Fun Side of Harry Potter

Now that the business side has been taken care of, it’s time to share the fun stuff. For twenty years people have been reading Harry Potter, watching Harry Potter, and being inspired by Harry Potter. There are a myriad of content that is related to the boy wizard and the wizarding world. There are comics, music, and so many wonderful discussions about the series you are spoilt for choice to expand your wizarding experience.


Harry Potter and Me

A Year in the Life

Oprah and JK Rowling

A Conversation Between JK Rowling and Steve Cloves


James War
James has written Harry Potter parodies including Hey Harry Potter (from Plain White Tees’ Hey There, Delilah) and Harry Potter (Before We Say Goodbye) (a rewrite of Train’s Soul Sister)

Hank Green
Half of the YouTubers Vlogbrothers, Hank started singing on the vlog regularly back in 2007 as part of song Wednesdays. One song he wrote was about his impatience at waiting for Deathly Hallows to be published. Titled Accio Deathly Hallows it quickly went viral and every year Hank would sing another Harry Potter song to celebrate. In a freakish turn of events he predicted a lot that was in Deathly Hallows which was mind blowing to discover. I highly recommend not only his Harry Potter songs, but all of Hank’s songs, they’re awesome. You can learn all about the song on the Nerdfighteria Wiki

Harry and the Potters
Since 2002 they’ve been performing nearly 800 shows in all sorts of places and all over the world. The band consists of brothers, Joe and Paul DeGeorge and they are a wizard rock band with many awesome Harry Potter songs. They are also co-founders of the charity organisation The Harry Potter Alliance.


My Life as a Background Slytherin

Emily creates hilarious comics about being a background student of Slytherin house. She also occasionally does comics for the other houses as well. I promise you will fall in love with them, even if you aren’t a Slytherin.


This artist posts comics on Tumblr about various Harry Potter events and behind the scenes moments. It’s not the only theme they do, but the Potter comics are wonderful. Buzzfeed has collated a few as an example, but there’s also a Facebook page where the comics are posted, but Tumblr lets you sift out the Potter specific ones.

Mike Hinson

Hinson is an illustrator who works as a Social Web Artist for Buzzfeed, and has a series of comics that looks at what Harry Potter would be like if they had modern technology (even though, as we know, technology doesn’t work at Hogwarts)

Buzzfeed has selected a few other comics as well. They’ve attributed the artist so you can use that as a starting point to find more funny comics. If you have a particular favourite Harry Potter comic I haven’t listed please let me know because I can never have enough.

Fun Stuff

A Very Potter Musical

This is an incredible show. It’s a fan made production and is a parody musical based on several of the Harry Potter novels. It was first performed in 2009 and is currently available to watch online. It produced two sequels: the first entitled A Very Potter Sequel in 2010, available online, and A Very Potter Senior Year in 2014 which you can watch here.

Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise

This simple video took the internet by storm when it was released ten years ago. It is still the best video ever and it will get stuck in your head for days afterwards. Potter Puppet Pals did a number of videos which you can find here. There’s also a dedicated YouTube Channel to the delightful puppet pals.


The Harry Potter tags on Tumblr are all kinds of wonderful. You get fan theories, headcanons and revelations as people highlight lesser known moments and relive the best bits. There are posts that make you laugh and posts that ruin your life. There’s also the awesome fan art that’s delightful as well.

Harry Potter Wiki

I just have to say, this thing is incredible. There are pages about anything and everything. There are references to minor characters and one off lines that have sparked whole pages about them. It’s a brilliant source of all kinds of Harry Potter information, backed up by book references and real world references. It’s fantastic.

Buzzfeed Posts

Behind the Scene Photos

Incredible Things About Going to Hogwarts

Things That Should Have Been Included in the Films

Buzzfeed’s Collation of Tumblr Posts

Harry Potter Tumblr Posts…”

That Will Make You Feel Feelings

To Make You Feel Better

That Made You Rethink Everything

Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

That Are Just Magical

That Prove They Have the Funniest Fans

100 Jokes to Get You Through the Day

That Will Make You Weep

That Are the Funniest

That Fans Showed Their True Colour

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