Celebrating Pride Month

June is here! Honestly who would have thought it would ever come with the rate at which some of these months were passing (looking at you March). The start of June brings on winter, brings on the cold days and crisp mornings, and it also means it’s the start of Pride Month. I was super not on the ball last year so I am going to try harder this time around to get some of the great LGBTQIA content I have read out.

The annual LGBTQIA Pride Celebration grew out of the Stonewall Riots in June 1969. Each June various events are held around the world to celebrate including street parties, poetry readings, educational sessions, parades, and peaceful protests.

This month to celebrate and raise awareness I will be posting up reviews of LGBTQIA books I read from my shelves, and I will also be sharing reviews on Facebook and Twitter of some absolutely amazing books I have read in the past so check those out. Or follow the tags because I have tried to have some consistency in that.

The wonderful thing is there are books in every age and reading range that can be celebrated. I will be covering picture books, junior fiction, anthologies and essays, young adult and adult books, #ownvoices, #LoveOZYA so many different areas so there will be a story for everyone to discover.

Certainly I will not be covering anywhere near what is out there and I would love to get some suggestions to expand my reading. If you have some amazing LGBTQIA books/authors you think more people should read leave them in the comments for people to discover. I know I have pushed a few of my favourite books onto people so I could have someone to gush about it with so feel free to share your favourite rainbow reads below. I will also try to share some great lists of Pride books that are floating around as well.

I am looking forward to sharing some of my favourite books with you this month and it will be a great chance to celebrate some fantastic books and authors.

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