Cover Reveal: Harvest (#5) by Nikki Rae


It feels like an eternity in coming but the fifth book in The Order series is almost here! The book is called Harvest and I am here to show off the gorgeous cover and throw in a few teasers as well. Nikki Rae always had spectacular covers and I think this one suits the fifth book in a seductive and dangerous series. If you’re new to Rae’s books you can catch up on the previous four by following the links below. If you enjoy dark romances and secret societies than this may be the series for you. You can read my reviews of this series here.


The Wolf has captured his prey, but that isn’t enough to satiate him. Like chess pieces, he has gathered all the members of House Chimera except one: Elliot. 

Fawn, Odette, and Marius are kept prisoner, forced to perform the Wolf’s most trivial tasks in exchange for a basement cell. The butler of Lyon Estate clings to reality while Master Lyon’s wife is a shell of herself. In the New Order, Fawn is key, and she struggles to infiltrate the Wolf’s mind while the Wolf uses her to lure the head of their House to his lair.

This game has been pre-planned, but that doesn’t mean the rules can’t change. Like any other predator, the Wolf has other needs. Fortunately for Elliot and Fawn, they have been trained all their lives for men with needs like his. Everything leaves a scar, but this might kill them. Can they survive not only the New Order Mansion, but the darkest parts of each other?




Harvest will be released 29 December 2020

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