AWW 2021 Challenge

The Australian Women Writers Challenge has been going for ten years this year which is absolutely incredible and it has been an amazing challenge to participate in as it has allowed me a chance to read and discover some wonderful authors.

Not only have I read some great adult fiction, it’s allowed me to read some great YA authors, discover many great picture book authors, and being able to pick up books on a whim because they meet the criteria that I’ve ended up falling in love with.

I am sticking with my goal from last year to read 40 and review 35. I read enough last time but my reviewing failed so I’m aiming to meet that goal this year before upping my limit if I can. This also includes uploading them to the AWW website because I don’t know if I uploaded any of my reviews that I did do on there.

There’s never a better time to jump in on this challenge than right at the start but you can sign up at any time through the year all the way until the end of November. There are a lot smaller goals for those wanting a less daunting number than I have chosen or you can set your own depending what you’re after. The Australian Women Writers website has a host of resources and ideas if you’re looking for titles to get you started and there are a range of groups you can join to become part of the community.

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