As a whole 2022 wasn’t the great success I have had in the past. I completely forgot to do my Book Bingo – not even as in I forgot to keep track like before, more like I didn’t even make it in the first place. I did create my Top 5 list so that was something, and while I didn’t have a great posting year, I did try hard to come back by the end before the busyness of the holiday season took over.

I have been think a lot this past year about my blog and what I’m doing with it. I keep thinking if I haven’t got the energy to write the reviews I should stop, or find a way to scale back. But the problem with that is when I do actually force myself to write reviews and make posts I enjoy it. I love telling you about the books I’m reading and sharing them in hopes you’ll read and fall in love with too. Even the bad ones I can give my opinions and maybe sway you one way or another if you weren’t sure about reading something. I like this blog. I like having a place to share thoughts about my reading habits that isn’t on social media because I’m not the best at that. It’s not like I wasn’t reading amazing books either. I read some incredible books that I want to yell about so fingers crossed tapping into that passion will get me through.

The problem is, and I think it’s been mentioned enough times, the past few years have been hard. Hard for everyone and for a myriad of reasons. The reason I officially stopped in 2021 was because everything was getting too much and this was something I could step back from to make sure everything else ran smoothly. I genuinely didn’t know how hard it would be to come back to. The want was there, the desire, but actually making myself do it took more effort than I knew.

I have worked out that if I want to keep this going I need to prioritise it, and find the joy again in writing reviews. I still don’t think I will be able to do review requests again because being inundated with emails filled me with stress, and I felt pressured to say yes to everyone and in the end it fell apart. But I hope I am still sharing some lesser known books with you alongside the familiar and popular titles. One day I do want to return to them because honestly some of my favourite books were discovered through people putting their faith in me and asking for a review.

There’s good news in amongst all this retrospection. This year I am celebrating my tenth anniversary and I have two giveaways to celebrate. I will be doing my regular giveaway, but I will also be doing a destash of my shelves like I did a few years ago with my Loved Loot collection. I have been pruning my shelves of books I got in giveaways, bought with good intentions but never read, listened to the audio and don’t need the hard copy, books I read once and don’t need, even a few books I bought with good intentions at writer’s festivals and never touched. More details will follow but that is one of my plans for this year.

So that is all to come. I am putting a lot of faith that this year will not have quite so many…bumps in the road shall we say as the previous three years because this always brought me great joy and I hope in a small way it does for you too.

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  1. ThoughtsBecomeWords
    Jan 08, 2023 @ 12:08:28

    I so understand your musings. One of the things I discovered when I started my blog five years ago is that it waits patiently until I have something I really want to post. I try never to feel pressured into writing. Otherwise the joy of blogging becomes a bit of a chore. I enjoy your book reviews. Stick with it 🙂



    • Amy
      Jan 08, 2023 @ 21:42:40

      It is lovely how it waits for us to return. There’s no rush to be ‘up to date’ or anything. It’s delightful. And thank you so much for your kind words!! They are exactly what I needed to hear.

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