Book Bingo 2023

This year I’ve compiled a document filled with previous book bingo categories and found it’s a thousand times easier to pick 24 from the list than it is to try and remember or think up ones every new year. One of those things that would have been handy years ago but at least I have it now. I found some on there I’d used years ago and totally forgot about, as well as scouted some new ones for something different.

My reading has developed so much over the years I now read women authors and LGBTQIA+ authors and books more than I did when I started, of course that’s in part to more diverse books being published, as well as partaking in great challenges like the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge when it was running. Now I can be a bit more creative in my bingo, and vaguer so I can fill them with whatever type of book I choose.

I like the choices I’ve made, I still have some set categories because there’s so many books I have in mind to fill it, plus categories reoccur for a reason, it’s always a good decision to reread things or hunt out classics, and of course, keep clearing the TBR.

I’ve included the link if you’d like to download the Bingo card for yourself, or search the tag if you would like to check out previous years. I hope to keep a closer eye on my reading this year than I have in the past and actively fill some of these categories. Fingers crossed!

Download Bingo Card



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