Book Bingo 2016

BingoNew year, new Bingo! I have a new design and a few new categories as well as some from last year. I made this card when I made the previous one, and I really like all of these categories so I’m glad I can finally play it.

Unlike last year where I didn’t get any BINGOs until the very end, I may aim more directly and see if I can work on a particular line, or I may go wild and leave it to chance, see how we go. I will be posting updates and various progress reports like before, and if I review a book that falls under one of these categories I will add the Book Bingo icon at the bottom of the review.

Once again if you want to use my card, or last year’s, you’re more than welcome to, just link it back :).

Bingo card 2

Book Bingo

BingoOne of my goals this year was to partake in a game of Book Bingo and after a lot of searching and comparisons of various games I have finally settled on one I am going to use. At the moment my intention with Book Bingo is not necessarily to focus only on completing a line or even the whole square, but combine it with my other reading habits and goals and see what happens with the game. I may surprise myself and make Bingo where I was not expecting, and of course it makes my reading selections more adventurous if I have criteria to meet.

Already I know I want to complete more than just a single Book Bingo game this year, there are so many varieties out there for all sorts of challenges and I think after getting the motivation and confidence from completing one I will willingly begin another. It wasn’t until I had finished creating my own Bingo card did I find the great site Oh The Books that offers a range of Book Bingo cards varying in genre and requirements that people have put together. If you are thinking of doing a Book Bingo challenge it might be worth having a look, or even if you are just looking for some more ideas to make your own. Making your own is a good idea if you want to tackle your own shelves of unread books, though even with a premade one it is interesting to discover which books can fall under what category. Also, a simple Google search of Book Bingo will bring up so many options with really creative requirements.

I’ve posted below the one I am planning on following. It is mostly unchanged from the original, I swapped out about six but I have posted the original below. I’ve also added a few more examples underneath of variations that are out there. The options are endless, really. You just need to decide how specific and how you want to approach your reading. I can already think of a few books that fall under each square and I’m actually really looking forward to starting. The only question that remains is how long it will take me to complete a card! If you want to use my card you’re more than welcome to, just link it back :). I’ll be sure to update you all on my progress, especially when I get Bingo!



Original version



Other examples of Book Bingo (Click image for source)






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