Cover Reveal: The Unfortunates by Skyla Madi + Giveaway (DRAWN)


I have got a very exciting cover reveal to share with you all, and it is not just a wonderful cover but I think one that accompanies a super intriguing book.

The Unfortunates is a New Adult novel written by Skyla Madi and is due out in July.


The Unfortunates.v2 (1)



She isn’t known by a name, only by the number she was branded with at birth.

Nine is now eighteen and as an Unfortunate, she’ll be forced to serve under The Fortunates for as long as she lives.

All her life, she’s been force fed rules and regulations on how to serve those above her, but nothing prepares her for Master Kade…the Fortunate she is assigned to.

His dark and protective nature compels her, creating thoughts in her mind that she’d be murdered for having if anyone ever found out.

Her option? To fight. Fight hard against her forbidden thoughts and desires.

It’s the only way for her to survive in a world that doesn’t want her.

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…and my teachers said daydreaming wouldn’t get me through life.

AuthorI’ve been writing since 17 and at 21 I’m a professional daydreamer and giver of both real and fictional life.

Aquarian, lover of the written word and author of the #1 BESTSELLING sports fiction novels Consumed and Too Consumed.

I write like I live my life—fast and carefree—and I have no specific genre. I hop from YA to NA to Erotica to Contemporary romance almost as often as I change shoes.

I have written 6 novels with 26 novels still planned out, they’re just waiting for me to pick up my pen and write their story. 




… Nine lowered her head. She wasn’t crying anymore. Her lips were parted, her eyebrows furrowed. Shock. She was in shock. Kade hated that he had to give someone as marvelous as Nine away to people who would only brutalize her perfect body, but it was the way of the new world. He had to push his mother’s advice to the side and do what society taught him to do—to rule.

“I’m going to teach you how to seduce a man. I’m going to teach you how to tease and please a man… and you’re going to use that knowledge to help me.”

His words caused his heart to race and it rattled his ribcage as he fought hard to suppress his own excitement. Kade tugged at his belt and she took a defensive step back. Her eyes went round as fear spread across her face and froze her features.

“Get on your knees, Nine. This is lesson one.”

“You’re going to skip everything and go straight to that?” She spat ‘that’ like it was poison on her tongue.

He smiled. Brave, but stupid. Now you want me to skip everything? Now you want me to seduce you, to kiss you and touch you?” He narrowed his eyes. “You didn’t want that a moment ago. Have you heard the term don’t push your luck?” He paused and she refused to look at him. “Drop to your knees.”

“And if I don’t?” She uttered, pinching the tip of one of her index fingers, nervously. “What will happen?”

Perhaps she wasn’t as smart as she looked.


As part of the cover reveal five lucky people will win ARC copies of The Unfortunates!

Just click the link to open the Rafflecopter giveaway and good luck!

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