Star Wars Day

Star WarsToday is once again International Star Wars Day. Last year I made a wonderful post about it and my thoughts on the movies, but it was coupled by the fact I was having seriously annoying issues with the last host of this blog,, and so there was a slight air of tension about the day and in the post.

The revival of the series, Star Wars VII, is coming along nicely, the first group of actors that will star in it have been announced, the old favourites of Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford all playing (presumably) their original parts. There was some immediate controversy however about the fact only one additional woman has been added to the story, something which prompted theories of it being another annoying love triangle plot with the new generation. But there are also theories there are further cast announcements to be made and with no filming having started or clear indication of plot, speculating isn’t doing anyone any good.

I think I am looking forward to the movie if not just to see what they’re going to do with this big time difference. Having rewatched the series last year I came to the realisation that I don’t mind the prequels, being older than I was when I first saw them I can see the flaws, but it wasn’t that badly done that I’m giving up on them. I do reserve my right to avoid any TV show about it because computer generated Stars Wars about the clone wars isn’t my thing, so I am a movie fan and quite happy to be one. Plus possibly a lot of the merchandise which I eye off and add to wishlists I know will rarely be granted.

Only a few hours into this morning I already saw a lot of annoyance and negativity towards Star Wars Day on twitter. Everything from people saying that people who go around saying “May the fourth be with you” will end up alone, or nit-picky people saying it is “the fourth of May, not May the fourth”, even just people saying it is stupid and don’t want any one near them to say it. I don’t understand the dislike, it isn’t technically official, nobody has asked you to participate in the day and commenting on your distaste for what is really a meaningless unofficial day seems to me a lot more effort than you believe it to be worth. Don’t attack people who want to enjoy a fun day and share their love a film series (and subsequent TV, books, comics, cartoon etc etc and whatever else Star Wars format I’ve forgotten), it’s rude, disrespectful and just unnecessary. This goes for other non Star Wars Days as well, don’t belittle someone’s passion just because it isn’t yours, but that rant is not for today.

What I like about this day is not just the play on words, because that is always an awesome added bonus, and not just that I can have more of an excuse to look up images of stormtroopers being parents/enjoying life (seriously Google that because it is adorable!),  but the fact that it isn’t a small “holiday”, I’ve seen booksellers and authors, newspapers and websites all promoting the day, they may not be fans themselves but take part and celebrate it all the same. As I say, I don’t claim to be the biggest Star Wars fan, but at 12:04am when I realised what day it was, I did spent two and a half hours, hours when I should have been in bed (or at least working on my assignments), putting Toby in Jedi robes so that definitely puts me on the scale somewhere.

I may have to go listen to some Aurelio Voltaire Star Wars themed songs now to celebrate since writing this has gotten them in my head. I hope you all have a wonderful Star Wars Day and may the force be with you all.


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