Merry Christmas (and Happy Boxing Day)!

Toby Xmas2Merry Christmas everyone! A tad belated I know but it still counts. As much as I wanted to put a Christmas post up yesterday I soon realised it just was not going to happen despite my best intentions. So instead I’ll bring you the Boxing Day post instead! Today in Australia it is Boxing Day, a day of yachts and cricket. It is also the start of “the week of leftovers” and a time to regroup and recover after the chaos of Christmas (unless you are like me with a four day Christmas of events with various people nonstop in which case I’ll see you on the other side on the 29th). I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday whether it was Christmas or any other holiday this season.

My Christmas was very hectic at times but it was nice to have everyone over to celebrate, especially seeing people’s face light up when they see the presents you gave them. After a day of food and presents long into the night my feet and I were very pleased to get ourselves into bed.

Without the full recap and reliving of my Christmas I will share with you the wonderful bookish presents I received instead. I am a trivia nut and I love a good fun fact which means I also love telling people a good fun fact on any possible topic if the subject comes up. As a result I was given two awesome fact books from the genius elves of QI, the British quiz show with impossible rules and stomach aching laughter while you learn fascinating things you didn’t know were wrong or you just never knew you never knew.

The two books are 1339 QI Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop and the other is 1411 QI Facts to Knock You Sideways. Years ago I had received other books in the QI series like The Book of General Ignorance, The Second Book of General Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is (Still) Wrong , and even an animal edition of The Book of Animal Ignorance: Everything You Think You Know Is Wrong. I implore anyone who loves knowing things and learning everything they have been taught is wrong to read these books and watch QI, you won’t regret it.

But I digress. I also gave as many books as I received this Christmas. I gave two Spot books to the kids of friends of ours, and a book on WW2 for my mother, and I saw many other people get books during the day as well which is always a pleasure to see.

So after the festivities of yesterday, Boxing Day is a bit calmer. I have no doubt the Sydney to Hobart yacht race will be filling the TV, possibly with the occasional flick over to the cricket to see what is going on. I foresee more food, less presents, but a nice day catching up with family and friends once more.

I hope all your Christmases were filled with wonderful things and you were given great bookish things as well be they books or book related things. I also wish anyone going to the Boxing Day sales the very best of luck, I’m sure you have a solid system in place on how you will tackle the shops today.

Enjoy the rest of your silly season activities, and if Christmas was the first and last of them then enjoy some time off before the joy of New Years Eve. Have a wonderful time whatever it is you are doing and read something spectacular.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. allvce
    Dec 31, 2014 @ 16:53:14

    Trivia Books! Sounds like you got a good haul! And yes, its always pleasing to see people get books as presents 🙂 I always try and give them to people as a kind of first preference present.



  2. rlsharpe
    Dec 26, 2014 @ 23:23:17

    Wishing you a very merry Christmas Amy. I hope 2015 is a great year for you 🙂



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