Happy Australia Day!

Australia DayAh Australia Day. That annual time of year to celebrate what makes Australia great, to enjoy the long weekend with friends and family, and to cringe at people who feel the need to wear the Australian flag as a cape. The beaches, parks, and backyards around the country are filled with people enjoying themselves and having barbeques, and there are people with temporary flag tattoos on their cheeks, shoulders, and other body parts, while others wear a range of flag-themed clothing like thongs, shorts, and hats.

Google has given us a great Australian Google Doodle for the occasion as per usual and Twitter trends are filled with all things Australian whether it is #youknowyouareaustralianwhen or the slightly cynical #FiveWordsToRuinAustraliaDay. But most of the messages about Australia Day are positive but every year there is something that puts a damper on the day in the news (this year is no exception). But mostly people like to celebrate what makes being an Australian whether it is tags like the #youknowyouareaustralianwhen one on Twitter, or those cringe-worthy and mostly incorrect lists articles that talk about how to know you are Australian. These are often widely stereotypical and wrong, for starters it’s not shrimp, its prawn, and no one drinks Fosters, but they can be fun and people mean well.

Personally I enjoy Australia Day, even if I am not doing anything special to celebrate. This year my Australia Day is not that different from previous years, though we are currently experiencing a mozzie plague which may put a damper on any outdoor activities, the threat of Ross River Fever will do that, and the fact that today is a little bit rainy, but interestingly not actually cold, because that’s the magic of our summer weather. (Oh, the humidity!). I love seeing people enjoying themselves though and highlighting what makes our country great, and even if all I end up doing today is scrolling through a Twitter tag, eating a lammie, or just relaxing at home, it is still a pretty wonderful Australia Day.

But away from the threat of disease, no plans, and poor weather onto more delightful topics, this of course being books, more importantly Aussie books! If you can’t talk about Aussie books and authors on Australia day when can you? Recently Booktopia has been on a mission to find Australia’s favourite authors. After multiple rounds and numerous eliminations, they have released the final ten in their search for the Top Ten Australia Authors as voted by you guys. From the beginning each round has been filled with so many great Aussie authors and while it was sad when some favourites were cut in each round, with the top ten released I can see why these great authors made the final cut. With names such as John Marsden, Mem Fox, Liane Moriarty, Kerry Greenwood, and Matthew Reilly it reminds you that Australia really does produce some amazingly talented authors. You can check out the full list on Booktopia’s website where you can also check out the great range of books each of these authors has, you never know, you may find a new favourite Aussie author!

So that’s all from me, I hope you are all having a wonderful Australia Day whether you are celebrating with a lammie, an ANZAC bikkie, a BBQ, or all three combined, behave yourselves, have fun, and read something spectacular.

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