Book Bingo: The Road So Far

Bingo card in use

Time again for a Book Bingo update! It has been a couple of months since the last one and I just know you are all eager to hear how my progress has been going. I am almost through my first book Bingo card, though I have yet to reach a Bingo. There are a few spots as you can see with 3/5 squares covered and one column that only needs another spot filled to reach BINGO but the category for that one means distraction from my review pile so it may be waiting for another few weeks. Being so close though I am thinking of straying more from my review list, albeit briefly, just so I can read some of my own things and not be weighed down by review books only. I planned to balance out reading the review books and those of my own choosing as one of my goals early on in the year, and while it started off going well, it soon because harder and harder. Now I am getting more under control with reviews I am warily willing to stray a bit so hopefully that can fill up my card sooner as well.

From the last update post I have filled in a few more squares. I am still eagerly waiting to start my second card because that has some great categories on it but until then we must strive to finish this one! While I didn’t find a way yet to really show which book was read for what in one image, I decided on another approach instead. If I have reviewed a book that I have used in a Book Bingo category I tagged it under the Book Bingo tag so you can scroll through and see them. The other thing I have been doing is adding a little box (see below) saying it is a book bingo book at the bottom of my reviews, as well as the box they correspond with, so keep an eye out for them if you are interested to see what book was read for what. A few are missing, such as the rereads or others I haven’t reviewed, but there is still a fair few that are under the tag.

That’s all my Bingo updates for now, I best get back to reading. If you have decided to do a Book Bingo or any kind of reading challenge this year I hope it has been going well and I wish you the best luck in your continual success.

Book Bingo Book

Book Bingo icon



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. allvce
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 23:49:57

    Oh my gosh, you are going so well! And so fast!



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