Bloggers Dinner

Just a quick post, I know it is very late but I wanted to share. I just came home from a great dinner in Sydney with Suzie from Suz’s Space and Jess from The Never Ending Book Shelf and it was so fun. The dinner was organised by Suzie and it was a great chance to catch up, especially since I hadn’t seen Suzie since the Book Bloggers Forum last year. Suzie chose a great restaurant called Whispers Cafe at Parramatta which was really nice, and their food was pretty great as well.

While dinner ended up being a bit more brief than originally planned, it was no less enjoyable. The conversation was fun and it was great as we got to know one another a bit better. Topics discussed covered a many number of things but naturally the discussion soon turned to blogging and it was wonderful (as it always is) to discuss with others in your situation the ups and downs of blogging, interesting stories about the blogging life, various types of blogs out there (and why I could never run a food blog).

Even though there was just the three of us it was still a great night out. The trip to Parramatta was an adventure and the great dinner company made the trip worthwhile. I hope there are more little casual catch ups away from festivals and organised formal events because sometimes a chat over a nice meal in a nice restaurant is just as good!

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