Bookish on iView

is a wonderful new show that launched today which is exclusive to ABC iView and is hosted by Jennifer Wong. Dubbed the “digital sister to ABC TV’s The Book Club“, Bookish brings you all things book related including advice, interviews, and book events. The stars of the recent YA Squad event (Will Kostakis, Megan Jacobson, Kylie Fornasier, and Shivaun Plozza) appear in episode 4 to discuss the appeal of YA, and Jennifer Byrne from The Book Club (formally The First Tuesday Book Club) makes an appearance, interviewing Comma Queen and copy editor of The New Yorker Mary Norris in the first episode.

In the debut episode Norris discusses grammar and her career with Byrne and on the lighter side, host Jennifer Wong discusses the best books to read on public transport to get your own seat. Each episode is very short, averaging around five minutes, but in that time there are some great tips. For instance in episode 3 Wong points out the dos and don’ts of asking questions at a writers’ festival. With the Sydney Writers’ Festival coming in the next couple of weeks this is crucial information; you don’t want to be one of those people.

The show will be airing (if that’s the right word) online all year with a new episode every Tuesday. There are already five episodes available to start you off, with guests like Stan Grant and Yassmin Abdel-Magied, and fun things like looking at the worst colouring books available and the many stupid things booksellers hear with Benjamin Law and Todd Alexander.

I think this is a fantastic little series, and with quick short episodes it’s easy to enjoy anywhere or anytime. I don’t actually know what the ABC’s rules are on international viewing but anyone in Australia should be able to watch the series. If you’re looking for some bookish fun than it’s definitely worth checking out.


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