Peas and Quiet by Gabrielle Tozer

Published: 19th June 2017Goodreads badge
 HarperCollins Australia
Illustrator: Sue deGennaro
Pages: 34
Format: Hardcover Picture Book
★   ★   ★  – 3 Stars

Best friends Pip and Pop live in a peapod, but sometimes it can get a little too cosy – especially because they are so different!

Pip loves to sing, while Pop won’t stop snoring. How are they ever going to work out how to live together?

Pip and Pop are very adorable. In an Odd Couple situation Pip likes to sing and Pop likes to snore and while most of the time they get along, sometimes they do not. The rhyming narrative is fun and Tozer explores the relationship Pip and Pop have and how they can have fun but it’s not always the way.

This book explores how everyone is different and sometimes the things that other people do can annoy you. But it also shows you that while these differences can be frustrating, there are ways to remain friends and get along. I was totally caught up in the cuteness of this book and I liked how Tozer takes some drastic action and have not only disagreements, but actual separation. I was surprised but I liked that she also showed that having some time apart is good, but can also make you realise what you’ve been missing.

deGennaro’s illustrations are adorable as well. The little peas in overalls remind me of the beetroots in gumboots and zucchinis in bikinis from the bananas in pyjamas books in the 90s. This is a great book about accepting differences but aside from that it is just a sweet little book that is a fun read.

You can purchase Peas and Quiet via the following

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