Scorch (#4) by Nikki Rae

Published: 29th October 2019Goodreads badge
Pages: 225
Format: ebook
Genre: Dark Romance
★   ★   ★ – 3 Stars

With failure after failure, Fawn finally thinks she has a way to escape the Order and make them pay for what they’ve done. Betrayal is a poison—and poison spreads. Elliot’s rising paranoia makes him almost unrecognisable, forcing Marius into the position of Owner. Her bond with both begins to grow and change beyond the roots Elliot planted in her.

Between Marius’ kindness and Master Lyon’s cruelty, Fawn is torn in too many directions while the Vultures lie in wait, prepared to strike while evading a new Mainworld organisation intent on taking them down
Fawn has earned her place in House Chimera, and she will fight for her family no matter the cost. 

Even if that means the Wolves devour her in the end.

Note: I received a copy of this book for review

The next book is The Order series is here and Rae wastes no time diving straight into drama and intrigue right away. Following on from the events in book three we see Fawn hit the ground running quite literally and she raises the stakes from the very start. I enjoyed this book, it went in a different direction than I was expecting but Rae still brings the passion and tension we’ve seen before.

There is a greater focus on the characters and their relationships this time around. Fawn’s relationship with Elliot and Marius is explored, but also the tension and issues of the previous novel are still simmering underneath. With the darkness of the earlier books, there is more comfort and compassion this time round. The connection between Fawn, Elliot and Marius evolves and you see different sides of their relationship. That is not to say it’s all love and passion, the deceit and danger that this world brings is there and I loved how Rae plays without your mind so you never know who to trust, who is right and who is telling the truth.

There are BDSM situations and the relationship dynamic of the trio we’ve come to know and love remains but there is consent and support and all of it plays into the emotional stakes of the overall situation. That is not to say the darkness Rae excelled at in earlier books is missing, but there is a different approach this time around and not as explicit.

I felt like this was very similar to parts of book three in that is halts the momentum slightly to explore more of the personal side. I don’t want to say it felt like a filler but there were moments that I thought were drawn out. But as the story continued I could see what Rae was trying to do; she lures us in and to her credit gives us a rewarding ending that was quite unexpected and a welcome surprise.

I’ll admit though, I’m impatient for the final showdown, I love seeing Fawn find herself and act with her bigger purpose in mind but there is certainly merit to Rae’s approach as we see more of Fawn’s state of mind, her growth, and the connections with those around her. Which is great for character development, but hard when you’re itching for the world to burn.

In true Rae style she brings surprises, lust, passion and pain in this fourth instalment. I can only imagine how this is all going to end because if it is anything like the previous four books, it’s going to be a fascinating tale of love, torture, and revenge.

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