Harvest (#5) by Nikki Rae

Published: 29th December 2020 Goodreads badge
Pages: 297
Format: ebook
Genre: Dark Romance
★   ★   ★  ★ – 4 Stars

The Wolf has captured his prey, but that isn’t enough to satiate him. Like chess pieces, he has gathered all the members of House Chimera except one: Elliot.

Fawn, Odette, and Marius are kept prisoner, forced to perform the Wolf’s most trivial tasks in exchange for a basement cell. The butler of Lyon Estate clings to reality while Master Lyon’s wife is a shell of herself. In the New Order, Fawn is key, and she struggles to infiltrate the Wolf’s mind while the Wolf uses her to lure the head of their House to his lair.

This game has been pre-planned, but that doesn’t mean the rules can’t change. Like any other predator, the Wolf has other needs. Fortunately for Elliot and Fawn, they have been trained all their lives for men with needs like his. Everything leaves a scar, but this might kill them. Can they survive not only the New Order Mansion, but the darkest parts of each other?

Note: I received a copy of this book to review from the author

I am super excited to be participating in the blog tour for Nikki Rae’s latest book Harvest. This is the fifth book in The Order series and it was full of the darkness, lust, pain, and power that this series has been synonymous with over the years.

Where in previous books there has been unease and anticipation, not to mention excitement as Fawn works to defy and bring down the system, there is a feeling of constant tension through this story as you never know where it will go and what these characters will do.

There is a greater focus on the dark romance and BDSM aspects of this story and it fills up a lot of the pages but everything has a purpose and Rae uses it well to show not only who is actually controlling who, but also as manipulation and to highlight how there are two agendas and purposes being played at the same time. There are clear warnings at the beginning of the book regarding the content but this is a topic that can be hard to read about even knowing the subject matter going in.

This isn’t a series you can jump into at any point, this one especially offers little in way of explaining the larger plotlines. Rae has built up a world through the past four books that show the depth of the world and these relationships and with this fifth it is a hint at what I hope to be a fantastic world crumbling conclusion it’s been building up to be.

After the shock of the previous book’s conclusion I wasn’t sure what I was going to be met with but this is a nice balance between furthering the story, enhancing the characters and their relationships, and being another small step in the bigger picture. Fawn alters between being strong and defiant, manipulative and able to master her emotions to trick when she needs to, and being weak and fragile. I’ve said before I love Fawn best when she is defiant and prepared to burn the world down so I’m glad I got a few glimpses of that in this book.

Expectations are tested and we see a few different sides to characters in situations we hadn’t previously. It was interesting to see Fawn struggle seeing different sides of these people, given her situation and experiences she should know people to wear different masks depending on circumstance and with such an imbalanced relationship she can’t expect that she knows everything about these people anyway, no matter how close they become.

This was a slow build but one that wasn’t unsatisfying. The tension and uncertainty around the Wolf’s actions and the unknown of how this group of people will act confined to a house, each with their own roles to play, was one that keeps you guessing and on edge. There are negotiations and punishments on both sides and the sudden shifts and the unexpected are what Rae does best. Spending an entire book on edge never knowing what could happen is a feeling that is perfect for the kind of story Rae is trying to tell.

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