The Little Green Goose by Adele Sansone

Published: 1st May 2010Goodreads badge
Illustrator: Faust Anke
Pages: 32
Format: Picture Book
★   ★   ★   ★  – 4 Stars

Mr Goose longs for a chick of his own. When he finds an abandoned egg, he hatches it and raises a peculiar green-skinned long-tailed chick of his own.

I love this book. This is a great little book about a male goose (technically a gander) who wants to be a father and wishes for an egg of his own. He laments that he has no wife goose provide one for him and so he asks the hens if they have an egg to spare.

When they chastise him and mock him for daring to consider this, Mr Goose gets given one by the friendly farmyard dog who digs one up. The problem is, the egg isn’t a goose, but is a little baby dinosaur.

This whole story is wonderful and it has so many great messages. Mr Goose’s baby loves his dad and vice versa. But of course, others on the farm feel the need to comment and they put ideas in the little dinosaur’s head that Mr Goose isn’t his real dad because they look so different and so the little dinosaur goes on a journey to find out who is his daddy.

It’s such a sweet story and you can’t help read societal issues into it which I think Sansone demonstrates cleverly and creatively.  Coupled with Anke’s colourful illustrations, Sansone’s story is a heart-warming tale about what it means to be a family and sometimes that means not looking exactly the same.

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