Instagram and Me

InstaBecause I’m terrible at sharing anything I am doing, I am here to officially let you all know I’ve joined Instagram! I actually joined a few weeks ago, and after sharing my posts on Facebook and Twitter, and even adding the link to the blog it’s only now I’m actually properly announcing it because as we’ve established, I’m terrible at remembering to do these things.

I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while and I finally took the plunge and signed up. I have been a silent spier on others for many months, and now I’ve become part of the bookstagram pack. You can find me at @lostinagoodbk and put up with my pictures of my books and reading habits and more often than not pictures of my puppy. I’m loving it so far, bringing out my artistic picture taker and trying to make my posts pretty is quite fun.

To help me get really immersed I’ve joined a challenge hosted by Alyssa (@alyssaisreading) and Brooke (@just_a_nerd777). The May Book Challenge covers everything from your TBR and books that made you cry, to fave last lines or a shelfie. You can follow or join via the tag #alyssaandbrookemay16. It should be a great month of sharing!

If you’re on Instagram let me know so I can follow you!