Pushing Up Daisies (#27) by M. C. Beaton


Published: 20th September 2016 (print)/20 September 2016 (audio) Goodreads badge
Minotaur Books /Audible
Pages: 280/6 hrs and 22 mins
Narrator: Penelope Keith
Format: Audiobook
Genre: Cosy Mystery
★   ★  – 2 Stars

When Agatha Raisin left behind her PR business in London, she fulfilled her dream of settling in the cozy British Cotswolds where she began a successful private detective agency. Unfortunately, the village she lives in is about to get a little less cozy. Lord Bellington, a wealthy land developer, wants to turn the community garden into a housing estate. When Agatha and her friend Sir Charles Fraith attempt to convince Lord Bellington to abandon his plans he scoffs: “Do you think I give a damn about those pesky villagers?” So when Agatha finds his obituary in the newspaper two weeks later, it’s no surprise that some in town are feeling celebratory.

The villagers are relieved to learn that Bellington’s son and heir, Damian, has no interest in continuing his father’s development plans. But the police are definitely interested in him―as suspect number one. His father’s death, it seems, was no accident. But when Damian hires Agatha to find the real killer, she finds no shortage of suspects. The good news is that a handsome retired detective named Gerald has recently moved to town. Too bad he was seen kissing another newcomer. But when she is also found murdered, Gerald is eager to help Agatha with the case. Agatha, Gerald, and her team of detectives must untangle a web of contempt in order to uncover a killer’s identity.

This is my only Bookish Bites Agatha Raisin review because a short review feels like it needs to be a Bookish Bites and not a regular one. Especially when the book summary is almost longer than the review.

The reason I have barely any notes is because it was a complete non-event. Nothing of any consequence happened that I recall and the events that happen were all over the place. Agatha has weird interactions with strangers and all the new characters have the same rude temperament that Beaton is fond of giving everyone of late.

Agatha’s agelessness rears its head again as she says she is 53. I don’t know why I can’t let this go but it annoys me so much. Time goes on, people reference past events, months and years are mentioned in the story but Agatha is not allowed to age. It’s such a weird line to draw. Maybe a few of these stories take place within the same year and those books where multiple Christmases happen are all part of a time hole that exists in the Cotswolds that everyone knows about and nobody mentions.

The fact I have no recollection of anything that happens in this book is unsurprising given how many of them are basically the same story with new forgettable characters each time. I considered rereading it to see if I could get better notes this time but felt that I didn’t want to subject myself to it again and given my rating I couldn’t quite find the inclination.

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